Perth, Western Australia, Australia - James Peyton and Saumya Peries have officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for 'Just a Second’, an app that aims to prevent collisions with a children in the family driveway. The Kickstarter campaign aims to garner widespread support and financial backing to finance the costs of developing the app for Android and of providing the NFC tags that work with the app.

'Just a Second’ is an Android based app that aims to develop an app that will prompt users with a few simple and quick questions when they get into their car. As shown in the video, the app will ask them how many of their children are in the car. If they’re not all there, the app will ask if the driver knows where they are. While it may sound simple, the creators believe that simply triggering people to take 'just a second’ to think about where their children are will help reduce driveway deaths.

Low Speed Vehicle Run-overs (LSVR) are almost always caused by a parent or someone known to the child and occur most frequently towards the end of the week when we are most exhausted. They disproportionately affect children aged 0-4 years accounting for 60 deaths and 70 per cent of serious injuries in Australia between 2001-2010. “At this young age our children never fail to surprise us at how quickly they grow. Unfortunately, the combination of their new-found ability to walk, short stature, and curiosity of the world around them and naivety of danger can be a deadly combination.” Said project creator James Peyton. “Sadly, children aged 12-23 months are least likely to survive such an impact.”

For the 'Just a Second’ app to trigger when the person enters the car, the creators have chosen near-field-communication (NFC) technology. NFC is a short-range wireless connectivity standard that uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between devices. This is the same technology that is embedded in credit cards when using contactless pay systems. The creators believe this is a convenient, non-invasive, reliable and easy-to-use way for people to use the app.

The tags Kickstarter supporters will receive can be positioned to a location in the car where a driver usually places their phone in the car; in a hands-free holder, the cup holder or tray. When the phone comes into proximity of the tag, the app will launch, taking the driver through a couple of quick questions. Both adhesive and non-adhesive tags will be available. “By no means is this a silver bullet, but along with the array of technology available in cars today we think this will be a worthwhile contribution,” says Peyton.

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. 'Backers’ who support a project on Kickstarter get an inside look at the creative process, and help that project come to life. All 'Backers’ of the 'Just a Second’ Kickstarter campaign who pledge AU$ 20 or more (about USD $15) contribute towards development of the app and receive a 'just a second' programmed key-chain style NFC tag you can move between each of their cars, for use with the app.

The Kickstarter campaign is officially open until March 19, 2017. For more information about the Kickstarter campaign, visit: http://kck.st/2kV6frI

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