Kitchen Supreme, small family business, operating on the e-commerce market for some time now, offers customers extensive pieces of information on how to use one of the top selling products, the French Press.

Although the system is simple and rather intuitive there are certain points in the process that might prevent customers from savoring a cup of flavored coffee. According to other sources, including, a coffee oriented company, only by using the French Press correctly can the consumer enjoy its benefits.

Kitchen Supreme, coffee Press manufacturer and provider, acknowledges the importance of this aspect, putting great emphasize on carefully explained instructions. Since sales are done online, this company has access to the opinions of customers through reviews. Using the info received, Kitchen Supreme has improved its products, including the instruction book.

Frank Williams, Kitchen Supreme owner says: “Our brand is all about delivering top products to customers. This of course means listening to their opinion and constantly making improvements. We appreciate all reviews received and we find them helpful.”

As a result, starting with January, 2017, the French Press coffee maker package will include a new improved instruction book, meant to clearly explain customers how to use this kitchen gadget.

The guide to making flavored coffee is important, especially if a French Press is used in the process. With the improved Kitchen Supreme instruction book, customers are offered certain secrets regarding the making of flavored French Press coffee.

About the product:

The French Press brought forward by Kitchen Supreme is a professional item, having a four filter system. This will extract all essential oils found in coffee beans, preserving the aroma. At the same time, the filters will keep the grounds away, offering customers clear coffee. The package contains the actual device, a coffee scoop and a uniquely designed spoon. Also an improved instruction book will be found in the package starting with January. The Kitchen Supreme French Press has lifetime warranty.

About the company

Founded in 2013 and based in the United States, Kitchen Supreme is a small family business operating on the online market. It is currently offering three top products, the French Press, Chalkboard Labels and the Spiral Slicer. Although the design is made in Europe and the manufacturing in Asia, the actual assembly is done in the US. Only after having passed all extensive check-ups, will these products be put up for sale. The Kitchen Supreme staff is available for all customers. Whatever question a customer might be having, the team is happy to answer.

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Contact details:

Contact Name: Frank Williams

E-mail address: [email protected]


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