1st of February, New York

Kitchen Supreme, ecommerce kitchen supply distributer, is determined to change unhealthy eating habits by replacing popular snacks with healthy, fresh ones for this year’s Super Bowl. All of this with the help of their popular spiralizer, few sweet potatoes and handy seasonings!

The concept of snacking while watching TV is far from being foreign, as people have started admitting that they cannot watch their favorite shows or a movie without snacking on something. While this is a difficult habit to replace, a useful solution would be swapping the unhealthy, oily chips with a bowl of sweet potato crispy noodles, made entirely with the veggie spiralizer.

Kitchen Supreme, distributor of the spiral vegetable slicer as well as maker of it, wanted to prove that their useful device can be of help when trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Known for not only its capacity of preparing healthy family meals, but also its ability to reduce the time it takes to cook, Kitchen Supreme has decided the day has come to introduce a new technique for using the zucchini spiralizer.

Through their blog post published earlier this week, the staff at Kitchen Supreme tested a sweet potato noodles recipe and offered their readers valuable advice on how to achieve the best results in as little time as possible!

Readers are guided step by step through the recipe, as well as through the benefits of sweet potatoes and the importance of healthier options to the existing snacks on the market. Following this recipe is not just easy because the ingredients are accessible to anyone, but it is also tasty enough that it can be shared with everyone!

About the product

The Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer Spiralizer is an efficient kitchen utensil used to create tasty vegetable noodles without any difficulty. Through its design, the device is BPA free, easy to clean and store as it is entirely dishwasher safe, and also it’s a gadget that promises victories in all skirmishes with picky children. The bundle that includes the spiralizer comes together with a brush meant to help clean the sharp blades, a compact peeler and a recipe book to fresh, quick ideas for further meals!

About the company

Kitchen Supreme is a company that has been dedicating its time since 2013 to providing excellent customer service in the ecommerce field. Operating through trustworthy platforms, such as Amazon, they came to be regarded for their prompt, efficient choice. The company has been investing in only superior materials for their devices as well as extensive quality checks. Therefore, the items that get to be shipped to their customers are only the ones that pass all the assessments, ensuring only top-notch quality!

For further information, please visit http://www.kitchen-supreme.com or use the contact details below:


Name: Frank Williams

Website: http://www.kitchen-supreme.com

Email Address: [email protected]

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