April 18th, 2019-Delhi, Having one knee replaced is a medical procedure, but imagines having knee replaced at the same time. This is exactly what Noah Smith of Wales had done in India with Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Chairman of the Bone and Joint Institute at the highly esteemed Fortis Escorts in Delhi.

After having x-rays at Fortis to find out the cause of his knee pain, Dr. Ashok Rajgopal recommended that Noah have both knees replaced. However, Noah asked Dr. Rajgopal to do both knees at once.

“When I said I wanted to have both knees done at the same time, he said considering my age and upper body strength that he could do that. But he told me if during the surgery something didn’t go as planned or if I wasn’t acting the way he wanted me to, that I couldn’t be mad at him when I woke up if I only had one knee done. He said he would do what was best for me as far as my health was concerned,” explained Noah.

He agreed to those conditions and Dr. Rajgopal got him into surgery and successfully replaced both knees. Noah Smith was pleased with the results of the surgery and so much more.

“He got me right in and did both knees and they both came out very well. He did the surgery on a Monday and by Friday I was home. Everything worked great. At Fortis hospital I got all the things you would get at international hospitals. From the operating rooms where everything is state-of-the-art to the staff…everything was just great,” he said.

Noah’s daughter had heard positive things about Dr. Ashok Rajgopal and recommended him to her father. In addition, he wanted to receive his health care with best. He feels his decision to have his procedure and therapy done in India was definitely the right choice.

“There is value to receiving care by the best knee surgeons Delhi at affordable cost. The day of orientation I was taken through surgery and met the surgery staff and anesthetist who would take care of me during surgery. Then I went to Inpatient services where I met the nurses, saw the room I would stay in, and was shown everything that was going to happen. There were no surprises and it was just like clockwork. I knew the whole thing that changed into going to occur before it happened,” he explained.

Noah was pleased with the care and the successful outcome of the procedure, and he also noted two specific processes that were very significant to him. “I did not want a tube down my throat during the surgery unless I absolutely had to. I was also impressed with the icing method that Dr. Rajgopal uses. I never ran out of ice, and after talking to others who have had the same procedure done elsewhere, I’ve never heard of anyone using this icing procedure that I had. It’s something specific that Dr. Ashok Rajgopal uses and it was unbelievable how it helped me. I used it at home, too, and it really helped keep the swelling down.”

Following surgery, Noah followed Dr. Rajgopal’s orders closely and continues to do physical therapy and rehabilitation services. He is walking unassisted and his knees are feeling great. After his experience, Noah would definitely recommend Dr. Ashok Rajgopal to others.

“I did everything from my x-rays, to surgery, with Dr. Ashok Rajgopal. I received such personal care. The great care went all the way from the staff who cared for my medical needs to the people I ordered my meal from. Staff was there at all times, getting me anything I needed, checking on me and making sure things were right. And after I left the hospital, the surgeon contacted me at home every day. Everyone knew what was going on from the day I came here to the time I was done. It’s one big family.”

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