Leading Costa Mesa Womens Rehab Facility New Directions For Women Adds New Outpatient Care Office

Costa Mesa, California; 01, June 2015: Leading Costa Mesa womens’ rehab facility New Directions for Women has added a new outpatient treatment office on Red Hill, allowing them to expand their popular. 

Evening Intensive Outpatient program and add a Daytime Intensive Outpatient Program option to their roster. Later this year they will further expand their outpatient services to include a Partial Day Program. 


“It’s very exciting for us to be able to grow,” said New Directions CEO Becky Flood. “We want to adapt to the recovery needs our women have. We can now provide a continuity of care that allows women to transition to lower care levels with ease and structure, as they proceed to integrate into the community again.” 

The full system of care practiced by New Directions starts with detox and moves to residential care — the most intensive form of recovery New Directions offers — before dropping down to partial day services, intensive outpatient care, sober living, and then aftercare. Patients are able to enter the New Directions system any point which suits their needs, and not every patient requires each level of treatment. 

According to Flood, “Patients can jump up to higher levels of care or move down to lower levels, based on the clinical necessities and their willingness to take part and accept our recommendations. Any day an addict spends in treatment is better than a day spent with no treatment. Each program allows us to offer every possible tool to produce and then sustain recovery on a life-long basis.” 

The New Directions outpatient office has also begun reaching out in order to support the Costa Mesa community by offering weekly Al-Anon meetings, Overeaters Anonymous meetings, and a group oriented towards mindfulness meditation. Buddhist recovery meetings are also planned, and several community events and alumnae events have already been hosted in the new office. 

“We’re moving towards integrating ourselves into Costa Mesa’s community fabric so that anyone here who would like to use us for supporting their recovery, or who needs a way to get into recovery, can feel we’re an open environment where they can come to,” said Flood. 

About New Directions For Women: 

New Directions is a not-for-profit womens-only recovery facility that was founded back in 1977 by Pamela Wilder with the help of Orange County’s Jr. League, when Wilder stood up during a meeting of the Jr. League, said she was recovering from alcoholism, and asked the members for support establishing a womens recovery program. 


New Directions’ early beginnings also saw instrumental support from two more women, Muriel Zink & Marion Schoen. The goal behind founding New Directions was to respond to the shortage of accessible, affordable treatment services for those women who are suffering from substance use disorders and chemical dependencies such as alcoholism and drug addictions. 

New Directions has expanded in the last four decades into an internationally recognized luxury 30-bed inpatient (and now outpatient) rehab facility in Southern California’s Costa Mesa, next to the Newport Beach Back Bay Nature Preserve. 

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