Learn English 5000 Phrases updates to the recent version with features


USA - Learning English language phrases on a daily basis is greatly enhanced after developers at Fun Easy Learn, a renowned app development company has introduced two remarkable features in their Learn English 5000 Phrases app. Available over Google Play Store for Android users only, it can be downloaded for free to add to one’s existing knowledge of English phrases. In much the same way, new learners and minors can also master them in a rather fun way.

The app contains a huge database of words that developers choose on a logical basis. Anyone can Learn English Phrasebook Phrases choosing from the 5000 ones, supported by two new features of the app. The first is the Speech recognition, whereby users can listen to the exact way of pronouncing words and utilizing the same when in the phrase. “By listening to audio pronunciation, you can expect to speak like a near-native or native speaker. This is important especially when striking daily conversations with business partners or during a tour and so on,” said a developer at Fun Easy Learn.

The other feature, which has acquired similar attention, is the Slow Play mode. For learners with slow grasping capacity, this app comes particularly useful. “The pronunciation is quite slow and you can listen to it as many times as times as you want, which only means you Learn English properly without any hurry,” said the developer.

Keeping in mind the importance of enriching one’s English vocabulary, the learning methods employed by the company are unique and exciting. Starting from 4 levels of difficulty- beginner, intermediate and advanced and expert to an array of games; all the approaches are meant to enhance the overall listening, writing and speaking skills.

When asked about how the app can be a hit among all age groups, a chief official of the company said, “We have already garnered rave reviews from users who have become dependent on our app. Instated of turning the pages of books and dictionaries or enrolling in classes, the feature-rich app is exactly what you need in the present times. The two new features will only set in more users, who can access our app after updating to the recent version on their devices.”

About the Company

Learn English 5000 Phrases is an e-learning app from Fun Easy Learn.

To know more, visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funeasylearn.phrasebook.english