1. When you reach lvl 36 in Legend Knight, you can click the Marriage icon on the bottom right of the screen to open the Marriage interface.

Legend Knight

2. Male players can propose to female players (higher than lvl 36). After receiving the proposal, female players can accept or refuse at will. Because only male players can propose, female players should be reserved when deciding whether or not to accept.

Legend Knight Engagement

When a female player has accepted proposal, the male player must make set the wedding date and time in the Engagement interface.

Legend Knight Engagement


1. After the proposal has been accepted neither player can propose or accept another players’ proposal unless one of them goes to a Priest, an NPC in Glory City, to cancel the engagement.

2.The wedding will held automatically at the appointed time, whether or not the bride and groom are online.

Legend Knight Wedding Packs Capture

1. The newlyweds can gift Wedding Packs to their guests. Players in the wedding can click the Chests on the ground to accept the Wedding Packs. Each player can accept at most 30 Wedding Packs per day. Complete the Wedding to activate the Wedding RingandRing Soul systems to Craft and refine Wedding Rings. There are three kinds of Rings: Everlasting Love, Telesthesiaand Love in Night Sky. Wedding Rings dramatically boost the HP, PATK, MATK, PDEF and MDEF of all the Heroes and the Character. The bride and groom can also activate the Wedding Rings’ Lover Skills. The more requirements they meet, the more Lover Skills they can activate. Go activate those Lover Skills!

2. Wedding Participants can send gifts to the newlyweds.

Legend Knight Divorce

Married players can go tothe Priest in Glory City and spend 200,000 Gold to getdivorced. Players cannot propose to again or be proposed to on the day they get divorced.

Legend Knight Wedding Ring System

The Wedding Ring system will activate after the wedding. Craft your Wedding Ring to boost the Stats of your Character and all the Heroes.

Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring system

Legend Knight Ring Soul System

The Ring Soul System will be unlocked after the wedding. Refine your Wedding Ring to boost its Stats.

Ring Soul System

Legend Knight Predestined Couple Dungeon

Predestined Couple Dungeons are only available to married couples. Clear the Predestined Couple Dungeon and you will have the chance to get rewards such as Marrying Stones and Minerals. The dungeon can also increase couple’s rapport in battlegrounds. Although you can challenge the Predestined Couple Dungeon alone, fighting together with your lover is so much more interesting and meaningful.

Note: VIP players can use Balens to increase the Dungeon rewards attempts. Challenge attempts will be reset at 24:00 every day.

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