Symptomatic fibroid tumors may be treated with uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), a safe, effective, minimally invasive procedure that may eventually reduce the number of uterine surgeries, according to best gynaecologist in Artemis Hospital Gurgaon.

Uterine fibroid tumors are benign muscular growths in or across the uterus, which can be nourished by means of blood from the uterine arteries or different arteries in the pelvis. Fibroids may reason a host of troubles including back pain, immoderate bleeding main to anemia, common urination, painful intercourse, pelvic pain and extreme cramping. Uterine fibroids affect an envisioned 10 to 40 percent of women older than 35 and are accountable for 250,000 annual hysterectomies, and many more uterine surgical procedures. African-American women are identified with fibroids twice as frequently as Caucasian women and have almost double the number of fibroid-related hysterectomies.

"UFE is one of the most beneficial procedures interventional radiology has yet achieved which offers low fibroid surgery cost. It provides nonsurgical symptom relief and a relatively short recovery period, while preserving the uterus," said best gynaecologist in Artemis Hospital Gurgaon. Between 85 percent and 90 percent of UFE patients provides Dr Veena Bhat reviews report reduced or completely alleviated symptoms and are happy with the procedure and its results.

UFE offers a minimally invasive alternative to hysterectomy and myomectomy which reduces the fibroid surgery cost. Best gynaecologist in Artemis Hospital Gurgaon injects small, specially engineered particles into the uterine arteries that supply blood to the fibroid. Dr Veena Bhat reviews reveals that typically, the fibroid shrinks to half its original size within the first three months following UFE. "As more people grow aware to fibroid embolization, I predict that most ladies with symptomatic fibroids will choose this method of treatment," Best gynaecologist in Artemis Hospital Gurgaon said.

Dr Veena Bhat reviews noted that no manner is without complication. Early menopause and reduced fertility following UFE are valid concerns. Early menopause has been predominately pronounced in women older than 45. She believes that the closer a patient is to menopause, the more likely the patient will become menopausal following UFE.

But, UFE might also prove an effective method of treating women with fibroid-associated infertility.  "Anecdotally, it seems that many women who have been treated by UFE can deliver normal full term babies," Best gynaecologist in Artemis Hospital Gurgaon said. "Four of my UFE patients have introduced normal full-time period toddlers."

However, Best gynaecologist in Artemis Hospital Gurgaon pointed out that long-term studies are needed to determine if UFE is uniformly safe for women who wish to become pregnant. "We do not fully know all of the effects of uterine fibroid embolization on future pregnancy," she said. "Most interventional radiologists strongly believe that ladies who may wish to get pregnant should do not forget UFE only after sizable session and consideration of different options as low fibroid surgical procedure cost.” Patients with high large fibroids, fibroids outside the uterus, or active infections are not good UFE candidates.

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