Lexi rides Airwheel two-wheeled razor scooter for adults Z5 to work

18, April 2016: Lexi is a white-collar. Each day she has to commute 10 km from her residence to workplace. Although the distance between the places is merely 10 km, it usually takes her over one hours on account of sudden traffic jam. Lexi is late always for work and scolded by her supervisor. The traffic jam becomes the bane of Lexi. From the day when she bought Airwheel two-wheeled electric scooter Z5 on, everything turns around.


Now every morning Lexi does not need to get up earlier to beat the traffic. She usually rises 30 minutes earlier than working hour. She starts to ride Airwheel Z5 to work. The residence of Lexi is not large so there is not much room left. Fortunately Airwheel electric scooter Z5 can pack away and is stored conveniently. It will not take much space in her residence. Thus Airwheel Z5 is more than suitable for such white-collar as Lexi whose residence does not have much space.

With Airwheel electric scooter Z5, the traffic jam is no longer a bugbear to Lexi. Lexi new could ride Airwheel Z5 standing up foldable electric scooter on the pavement. Previously she took bus which has to pass the most crowded crossing. At the crossing, the traffic might cause a one-hour-long jam. Now Lexi does not need wait for the traffic to be smooth. She rides Airwheel Z5 on the pavement where there is no traffic jam. If one day she wants to take bus, she could get on the bus at the stop next to the crossing.


Now Lexi has not been late for work. She supervisor is surprised. When asked why, Lexi answered with a riddle and a smile. When her colleagues see her Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter for adults, everyone knows the reason. The Airwheel Z5 helps Lexi much. It changes the life way of Lexi. Her career is also guaranteed by Airwheel Z5. She is grateful to Airwheel Z5.

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