Orlando, FL– Light Bulb Surplus offers light bulbs and other lighting accessories at heavy discounts online. The online catalogue lists out the inventory that is on offer. The various lighting options available are ballasts/transformers, light bulbs, lighting fixtures, globes, sockets and controls and other lamps like recycle lamps. Light Bulb Surplus also announces special offers, like products that are available on a clearance sale, thereby saving a considerable amount of money for the buyer.


The other products available are porch lights, LED and LCD lights, globe light stringers, fixtures, battery, LED Exit and Emergency lights, and other products like LED aquarium lights andF32T8 Ballast. Temporary lights, fixtures, decorative, festive lights and glow lights and even landscape lighting transformer are also available.


Light Bulb Surplus can offer the products for such a low price because it is a commercial lighting store, and can buy the light bulbs and other accessories at wholesale prices. There are various brands and models that the buyer can choose from. Some of the brands that are available are Litetronics, Plusrite, LongStar and others. These products have all the warranties and service promises that the user would get if they bought it from a brick and mortar shop.


Other features include discount coupons, which Light Bulb Surplus gives out from time to time, allowing people to buy products online at an even cheaper price. With the rewards point program, the buyers will get a two percent cash back reward, every time they shop at Light Bulb Surplus, making buying from the site all the more lucrative.


The wide variety of lighting solutions available makes it easier for a person to choose from. In this age of energy conservation and consumer habits making a difference globally, it is quite important that the consumer should take informed decisions before buying any product. Light Bulb Surplus offers all the information, technical as well as general, about the products that they have on offer, which makes it easier for the readers to decide which bulb and accessory would be the best for their requirements.


Readers wishing to view the inventory online can visit http://www.lightbulbsurplus.com for more details.


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