27 Dec 2018, New Delhi: The need for an Organ Transplant is a stage, where the patient’s particular organ is in a highly critical condition and needs urgent attention. However, this is not an easy situation as the gap between the required organs and the timely availability of the organs has always been huge. Also, there are numerous countries around the world, which do not have such advanced transplant surgeries possible. In order to bridge this gap smoothly, a group in India known as India Organ Transplant has come ahead with its huge bunch of services. Considering the fact that Liver Transplant is one of the most frequently needed transplant procedures, the presence of such an entity is a blessing for the international patients.

Also known as Hepatic Transplant, the need for a Liver Transplant can arise because of the patient suffering from any following conditions:

End-stage Liver Failure due to:

  1. Alcoholic Cirrhosis
  2. Primary Biliary Sclerosis
  3. Haemochromatosis

Liver Cancers like:

  1. Hepatic Adenomas
  2. Primary Hepatocellular Malignancies
  3. Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma
  4. Cholangiocarcinoma

Fulminant Viral Hepatitis (A, B, C, D)

  1. Hepatic Thrombosis may lead to Fulminant Hepatic Failure

Genetic Liver Diseases

These Liver ailments can put a lot of burden on the patient’s health and since Liver is responsible for performing several vital functions in the body, it is very important that the patients get Liver Transplant at the earliest.

Liver Transplant in definitely as answer to these Liver conditions, but the appropriate availability of the related services is also important. In this matter, India is much ahead than many of the other developed countries, first reason being the best hospitals for Liver Transplant in India. With a polished ambience, most modern infrastructure, massively experienced transplant surgeons, extremely trained nursing staff, and many such patient friendly factors, these hospitals have surely raised the bar. Some of these hospitals are:

  • Artemis Hospital
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
  • Medanta – the Medicity
  • Max Healthcare
  • Yashoda Hospital
  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
  • Global Hospital
  • Columbia Asia Hospital
  • KIMS Hospitals
  • Manipal Hospitals

These hospitals have some of the most talented surgical hands as the transplant surgeons here are globally renowned for the remarkable success rates. The best transplant surgeons of India are proficient in every kind of Liver Transplant approachthat includes Split Type of Liver Transplant, Living Donor Transplant, Orthotopic Transplant or Transplant of a Liver from a recently deceased person. These surgeons have made Liver Transplant in India one of the safest and recurrently availed procedures. Not only this, right from counselling the patients about the whole treatment process, to the evaluation process and till the patients are on their feet, these surgeons are totally committed towards the well-being of their patients.

Another attribute that draws the attention of the patients is the cost-effectiveness. The affordable packages of Liver Transplant in Indiaare proving highly suitable for the medical value travellers. This Despite being such a progressive treatment solution, this procedure is very sensibly priced at the top hospitals for Liver Transplant in India – costs $10,000 in India, while as high as $56,210 in USA and $65,000 in UK.

The comfortable availability of all these patient-friendly attributes have placed India at a very sought-after position as a medical tourism destination and India Organ Transplant is putting in its best efforts so that this position keeps getting better. As a result, there are many success stories of patients from different corners of the world, who have had a successful treatment experience with India Organ Transplant.

About India Organ Transplant: India Organ Transplant is a highly established group that has very focused services, especially, for patients requiring wanting to get Liver Transplant in India. The group is always trying to upgrade its services to meet patients’ requirements. We as an organization are a leading name in the field of Medical Tourism and its presence is an assurance that the medical value travellers are in good hands.

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