Delhi: A 42 years lady from UAE, Nurjahan Mohammed Sabir, has survived from liver cirrhosis through a living donor liver transplant in Global hospital, Parel, Mumbai. Nurjahan’s daughter Nazneen Sabir Muhammad has donated a part of her liver to mother for transplantation.

The suffering of Nurjahan started around 2 years back with severe leg and foot pain. Eventually, the things become worst and the pain accompanied by fatigue, weight loss, easy bruising and discolouration in the skin and eyes. After multiple tests, doctors diagnosed her with liver cirrhosis. As her liver damage was extensive, liver transplant had become the only option for her. After learning about her sickness and the crucial need for a liver transplant, her daughter Nazneen was determined to help her mother, by being her living donor.

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After surgery, the condition of Nurjahan has improved and her daughter has also recovered for the wounds of surgery and leading a healthy life.

The doctors have concluded that in case of adverse conditions of cirrhosis when the liver ceases to function, a liver transplant may be the only treatment option. Through a successful liver transplant in India, the patient can regain a healthy life. Cirrhosis is one of the most common reasons for a liver transplant. All of the candidates for a liver transplant have to pass through extensive testing to determine whether they are healthy enough to have a good outcome through the transplantation.

The doctors also said that quick diagnosis, timely supportive measures, and her daughter’s help have saved the life of Nurjahan. The liver has a unique ability of regeneration; a small piece of the liver can grow rapidly and re-establish the full liver with the optimum functional capacity required for an individual.

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