Founded locally on the Treasure Coast, Intox-Detox takes on what the company’s calls “the civilized world’s oldest problem: the hangover”. On their third anniversary, Intox-Detox are partnering with the Sailfish Brewing Company’s for the 4th Anniversary and St. Patrick’s Day Block Party in Downtown Ft. Pierce, Florida on March 17th.

The hangover remedy category is projected to be a $785 million a year market by 2018, according to a Yale News article. According to Intox-Detox CEO/Founder Andrew Bennett, not all hangover remedies are created equally:

“The market is changing. In the past folk remedies, B vitamins, electrolytes and Over-the-Counter pain meds like aspirin have led the charge. Now, a few companies and consumers are catching on to the science behind the incredible breakthrough that powers Intox-Detox . While many companies focus on hype and marketing, we became obsessed with the science and that’s why our product really works.” — Andrew Bennett

Intox-Detox is doubling down on alcohol-friendly local events on the Treasure Coast of Florida. “We set out to conquer the world, but the American public is still largely ignorant of the amazing benefits of our ingredients. We took on the hangover and won. And nobody really seems to care!” adds Bennett with a laugh.

At the Sailfish event Intox-Detox will have green beer, green Jell-O shots and “Good Craic”, which in Irish Gaelic means FUN. Bennett even suggests that you stop by for a game of beer pong and try to win a t-shirt and a free pack of Inox-Detox. These guys are taking on the hangover with real science. Whether it works or not, for me, remains to be seen, but I’ll tell you on Saturday. Erin go bragh!

Andrew Bennett, CEO/Founder
Company: Intox-Detox
Phone: 772.236.4443
Address: Ft. Pierce, Florida, USA
Email: [email protected]