The number of lung transplant surgery in India continue to rise for Nation's busiest program

Outpacing long-established programs in India, Top 12 lung transplant doctors India now offers the busiest lung transplant program in India, ranked fifth in the world. And, it’s on track to surpass last year’s file variety of life-saving operations. In reputation of the program's success, staff, transplant recipients and donor families accumulated the ultimate week to launch 24 white doves in reputation of organ donors and the lives they affect.

The only facility in India actively performing lung transplantations, top 12 lung transplant doctors India performed the First lung transplant surgery in India only a few years ago. In this quick history, more than 330 lung transplantations were finished to this point—a fantastic variety reached by best a handful of the world’s surgeons.

In 2019 top 12 lung transplant doctors in India performed 73 lung transplantations, more than any other lung transplant program in the world, Texas, making it the fifth busiest program in the nation that year. The program has continued to improve as it ranked sixth busiest in the nation in 2020.  

 “Our program has grown quickly and we are humbled and proud to have saved such a lot of lives,” says Top 12 lung transplant doctors in India.  “The numbers are unexpected; however we are most happy with our effects and the first-class of care we provide to each individual person. We understand that facilities with higher volumes tend to have better results and our program is determined to push the frontiers of lung transplantation.” Lung transplant surgery in India outcomes is sturdy with one-year survival quotes above the countrywide average—near ninety percent.

“Numbers don’t tell the whole story,” says the Top 12 lung transplant doctors in India. “Lung transplant surgery in India is the most complicated surgical process and calls for precise, to-the-minute planning. Our understanding in fast locating and procuring appropriate organs has been key to our achievement.”

The top 12 lung transplant doctors in India select candidates who are eligible and place them on the transplant list. Surgeons have approximately six hours to transplant a lung as soon as one is retrieved. Following the surgical procedures, lung transplant recipients acquire lifelong care and ordinary check-ups with pulmonary experts. Patients come to India from throughout the world for their care. Prior to the launch of the Lung transplant surgery in India’s program, many lung transplant candidates had to travel out of the country for the complex procedure. Presently, almost 1,700 people national wide watch for a life-saving lung transplant.


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