The Madeira.Network provides a platform for expatriates who are currently living and working on the island, as well as those who will soon be relocating there, to connect with others and form contacts before they arrive.

“Whether you have already landed in Madeira or are thinking about moving here soon, this website might be a real lifesaver,” said McCann.

Moving to a new location can be a frustrating and stress-filled experience, particularly if the individual doesn’t have the opportunity to visit beforehand or doesn’t know anyone. The Madeira.Network brings together people from all walks of life to share information and their experiences on the island to help smooth the way for others before they actually move to the islands.

The Madeira.Network provides a platform where individuals can find information on topics ranging from opportunities for work in Madeira Islands and housing to the best places to shop, along with the culinary delights and unique wines for which the islands are well-known. Potential residents can learn from those already living on the islands about the cost of living, amenities, social opportunities, and conducting business.

Madeira is a business-friendly location that welcomes foreign investments and the Madeira.Network can assist those who want to launch physical or online businesses through contacts with potential partners, collaborators, and resources found on the website.

The islands are a popular destination for retirees as well as tourists. Madeira features natural surroundings for nature lovers and mild temperatures allowing individuals to enjoy a wide range of activities throughout the year. It also lies within easy reach of Europe and Africa for any number of excursions.

The Madeira.Network features a friendly online venue that provides numerous opportunities for those who want to live in Madeira Islands. Individuals can find entrepreneurial, work, housing and investment opportunities, along with social, gourmet dining, cultural and entertainment options. The Madeira.Network is a one-stop resource for expatriates who have relocated to the islands or plan on doing so in the future.

About the Company:

The Madeira.Network provides a single resource for individuals already living in the Madeira Islands and those who are considering relocating there. The website is a user-friendly platform that enables people to learn about the many cultural, business and social opportunities available.

Media Contact:
Sara L. McCann
+351 21 259 292 6013

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