Malaga, Spain - Fernando Frances, the director of CAC Malaga was introduced by leading art collector & advisor Fabien Fryns to JiaAili while on a trip to Beijing a few years ago. On March 17th 2017, all those interested in contemporary art, and Chinese contemporary art in particular, can see a selection of nearly 30 works by renowned chinese artist JiaAili

The Mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre Pradosand the CAC’s director Fernando Francéswill be hosting the opening of the exhibition and will assure that it is going tobe a truly international event asthey have personally invited top collectors from Europe and Asia to attend the VIP opening on March 17th, 2017, starting from 8pm.

“The Chinese contemporary art scene continues to witness an exciting time lately and JiaAili is surely one of the most leading artists of his generation working in China today. At 38, he has developed a cult following among fellow artists and collectors alike. Given the fact that he is only known to a handful of very well informed insiders in Europe, I am delighted that CAC Málaga has decided to hold this challenging exhibition. In my opinion, CAC Málaga’s incredible program developed by Fernando Francés, is at the absolute top of contemporary art in Europe. This will, over time, be viewed as a historical exhibition, I have absolutely no doubt about that. I am truly looking forward to such an unforgettable exhibition coming March and this is going tobe one enriching experience for both seasoned and emerging collectors. The show would not have been possible without the help of the Francois Pinault Foundation and the DSL Collection, who have lend some very important works for this exhibition. A highlight is no doubt “We Are From The Century” a 5 panel painting measuring 6 x 15 meters, twice the size of Picasso’s Guernica, which JiaAIli started to paint at the age of 27 and which is on public view for the very first time”, stated Fabien Fryns.

Mr. Fryns has been hugely active across the modern art scene since 1986 as a collector and advisor to established collectors and newly initiated clients. It was at the dawn of the new millennium that he discovered the exciting scene of Sino contemporary art and within 4 years, he shifted to Beijing in 2004. The founder of Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Fryns is also passionate about a seamless cross-cultural exchange between China and the West and is looking forward to raise awareness about Chinese contemporary art & artists across the global market.

A highly acknowledged name in the international art community, Aili’s magnificent and thought-provoking works have delighted the experts and connoisseurs all over- from China toBerlin to London to New York and so on.

Born in Liaoning, China, in 1979, the world-famous painter graduated in oil painting from LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang. His highly revered painting style speaks of a delectable amalgamation of conventional figurative style with contemporary moods, something he wrought from the art movement of the Western Old Masters. Aili’s paintings often portray barren apocalyptic landscapes, yet offer some hope for the survival of human kind.

“Aili’s works have always been fascinating to collectors. His fragmented, almost surreal, landscapes usually spotted with subjects which seem tobeon a perpetual search, provoke one tolook into the inner-self and it’s just mind blowing how he uses hints of surrealism, symbolism & romanticism to express solitude and loneliness of all those who have witnessed the very socio-economic state of the country over the past three decades.”

About Fabien Fryns

Fabien Fryns has been active in the contemporary art world since 1986, primarily as a collector and advisor to both newly initiated clients and established collectors. In the early days, Fabien collected and placed works. Since discovering Chinese contemporary art in 2000 and moving to Beijing in 2004, Fabien has shifted his focus and has developed close relationships with many of the established and emerging artists working in China today, ranging from Ai Weiwei to Zeng Fanzhi.

After 18 years of primary gallery experience, Fabien Fryns Fine Art now acts solely as advisors to private collectors and institutions, and continues to promote the established and emerging artists it has been working with. Its mission persists to contribute to the cross-cultural exchange between China and the West, and to raise the awareness of Chinese contemporary art in the international market.

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