All stores whether large retail chains or small boutiques from New York’s Fifth Avenue to Paris’ Rue Saint-Honoré require a tasteful arrangement of mannequins in order to showcase the seasons’ new fashion styles and designs. The importance of mannequins is unparalleled in showing shoppers what a particular dress or outfit will look like when worn. Strategic lay outs and window displays heighten emotions when depicting real life scenarios for shoppers. Mannequins representing work life or a desired event such as a wedding or beach outing trigger an emotional purchase response in less than seven seconds according to fashion merchandising experts.

“Our clients range from large stores to quaint specialty boutiques, and they’ve reported sales revenue increases by as much as 32% with mannequins as compared to just using hangers to sell the clothing” says Jason du Pont owner of He also goes on to say, ” in much the same way that in the 1987 hit represents a mannequin coming to life, these mannequins bring clothing to life for shoppers and business to life for store owners.”

Studies show that stores can use sale signs to motivate buyers to take action and purchase clothing, but the use of mannequins throughout the different parts of a store offers better sales results. Having both elements combined catapults sales exponentially for business owners.

While there are many kinds of mannequins fashion merchandising experts reveal the that more “real” looking ones deliver the best results for sales generation.

Mannequins are available in fiberglass and polystyrene, the latter has become the industry standard for the economical price and lightweight. Store merchandisers can call 877-467-5022 or visit for more information regarding the sizes, genders, and selection of merchandising equipment.