DALLAS, TEXAS, March 6, 2017 — Katia KITA in her new bestseller, 30 Day Journey to a New You! unveils the new tool she has created to reinvent one’s self, find one’s true purpose in life and be successful.

Katia KITA has developed the first-ever interactive “mind quest” tool that is meant to break stereotypes and can set the readers on the right path towards fulfilling their dreams!  This interactive product also comes with a game-inspired website where every reader goes on a mind quest journey while building their master plan for success. This website will surpass readers’ expectations. With each reader having their own individual login, the smart system will save their answers as they go through the book.

Katia’s program is designed for 30 days: read 30 chapters, listen to 30 podcasts and complete 30 tasks. At the end of the journey, readers will have a visual road map for their master plan to success, which they created themselves through the mind-blowing tasks. This is not an average run-of-the-mill self-development book. It’s a revolutionary tool that can be used as many times in life as needed!

When the readers commit 30 days to Katia, she assists them in reinventing themselves. Katia has made it simple by having her book available online so they can read on-the-go and listen to the podcasts from any location; unlimited lifetime access to materials; interactive reusable format to use as many times as needed; and a support Facebook group hosted and led by Katia.

Katia KITA is a life transformer, motivational coach, fitness instructor, personal trainer and creator of the cutting-edge fitness series, Get.Reinvented — coming to life in Spring 2017.

As a life coach, Katia helps each of her clients to determine their problems, conquer them, face their dreams and build that successful life. Having Katia by their side during the transformation coaching gets them to their final destination without getting sidetracked or lost on their way!

Katia KITA is available for interviews.

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