Mark Thompson launches EasyVSL version 3 of the video sales letter tool

New York, New York — EasyVSL 3.0, a video sales letter software released initially in 2014 has helped thousands of product owners, businesses, and online marketers turn boring text sales page into captivating video sales letters. Mark Thompson together with Matt Callen introduced EasyVSL to take traditionally expensive video sales letter and make it accessible to product owners, businesses, and online marketers hoping to improve their conversion rates.

Identifying a gap in the market between expensive video sales letters and standard sales copy, Mark Thompson introduced EasyVSL first in 2014. EasyVSL works by converting text into a video sales letter in under a minute. It does this by taking your video sales letter script and creating text based slides after you’ve selected your slides breaks. It also does so by matching the text slides to your voice over. The outcome is a seamless video presentation with your text slides, allowing your audience full attention on your message. You can also customize your slides however you wish with color schemes, fonts, or images.

Since its inception EasyVSL has consistently served customers with product updates and an easy to use user-interface. While bug-fixes have been a regular work in progress, the product has recently been in the works for a full version improvement introducing EasyVSL 3.0.

Version 3.0 carries more features for easily customizing your video sales letter along with an advance audio sync technology. Mark Thompson hopes this will continue to provide EasyVSL customers with top of the line technology that allows them to propel their sales and business.

EasyVSL is built on two pillars; making video sales letter accessible and easy for customers as well as providing functionality or flexibility to allow customers to communicate their story effectively, their way. Version 3.0 boasts a greater emphasis on functionality and flexibility. While the style of video sales letter continues to be predominantly text based, EasyVSL 3 allows its customers to add more options for video sales letter themes and a host of other features. Version 3 of EasyVSL even sees an integration with YouZign 2.0, an online graphic design tool, along with an “Instant Image Search Library” which allows EasyVSL users to instantly access over a million royalty free images directly within EasyVSL. Both of these functions are new features included in Version 3 of EasyVSL; the new visual integrations allow for EasyVSL users to simulate their audience with more visual content in addition to the text based slides.

Among the improvements and upgrades within EasyVSL 3.0, users can now import Powerpoint or keynote presentations into EasyVSL to create a video sales letter. Similarly as before, EasyVSL users will still be able to export their EasyVSL slide presentation into PDF document for easy sharing or an alternative form of content distribution.  EasyVSL 3 also allows for EasyVSL presentations to be imported and exported - a great solution for co-working. The makers of EasyVSL have also worked hard on introducing a kinetic text-based video style, as those compelling messages have frequently used. Unfortunately, it was not finished on time before EasyVSL 3.0 launch on February 21, 2017 however will still be included within Version 3 of EasyVSL for those who order during their launch as a future update.

Some other keen technological improvements to EasyVSL includes a new automated speech recognition which automatically syncs your audio to text slides within EasyVSL 3.0 along with various improvements to previously existing features. EasyVSL 3.0 highlights product improvements to their user interface, further enhancing the intuitive and user friendly dashboard for users editing video sales letter timelines. Alongside, EasyVSL sports a one-click translation which allows EasyVSL users to convert text based slides into dozens of text supported languages. EasyVSL customers can then further simplify their VSL creation process by using the text to speech (TTS) feature on EasyVSL 3.0 which will automatically read the text into an audio voice-style of the user’s choosing; this removes the need for engaging a voice actor for simple videos. On the inverse, EasyVSL supports speech to text video creation which allows EasyVSL customers’ to automatically create text slides for their video sales letter simply by speaking into the mic just like Dragon Speech Recognition in some aspects. Included within the EasyVSL video sales letter software suite is an integrated audio recorder allowing you to easily create voice overs without needing additional software; EasyVSL also allows users to edit the audio within EasyVSL to cut and paste on the timeline as they wish.

Among the hosts of new improvements to EasyVSL, the improved video sales letter software features four more improvements to version 3 which includes an automatic slide creation, customized background theme improvements, font customization which is critically important for the tone and deliver of a text-based video sales letter and the option to insert an existing video clip. To support the new features, EasyVSL also has a layering option to build the complexity of video sales letters on EasyVSL as the user can choose a basic text video sales letter or to include various layers of video, animation, and images to enhance message delivery.

The new EasyVSL has been well received by current customers and the excited internet marketing community for this long expected launch. EasyVSL continues to impress customers with its advance video sales letter solution that’ easy to use. Since its launch of 3.0, in under a week, EasyVSL has sold thousands of copies with a low refund rate indicating customers are enjoying the new product features and the general function of EasyVSL. EasyVSL solves a pain point of customers looking to utilize the power of video communications without the traditionally expensive process of creating video sales letter. EasyVSL allows non-tech savvy product owners, businesses, and online marketers to create their own video sales letter without the hassle of expressing your vision to another creative individual, waiting for the video sales letter freelancer to complete the work, and paying the expensive rate for a video sales letter. The combination of these reasons have likely contributed to the success and high volume of sales during EasyVSL’s launch. The launch is set for completion on February 28, 2017 and will return to its original pricing with the probable removal of the one-time pricing option provided during EasyVSL 3 launch.

To learn more about EasyVSL, or read what marketers have to say about this video sales letter software, visiting the Warrior Forum, a leading community of online marketers, webmasters, and small business owners.

About EasyVSL:

EasyVSL is a video sales letter software created by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen as a flagship product of Digital Kickstart. EasyVSL allows online marketers, product owners, and business owners to communicate their message easily with a video. The EasyVSL software features automatic slide creation, voice recognition for audio matching, and font/image customization to help customers create stunning video sales letter to increase website dwell time, leads, and sales.

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