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As predicted by the Damngoodpennypicks.com research team, three month streak was too good to last. Those of you who booked your profits gained. Those that did not, well, we predict there will be more opportunities in the weeks ahead.

With little other development to chew on, the market researchers at damngoodpennypicks.com recommend investors turn their focus to developments in Europe.

All major indices are doing rather well. However the research team at damngoodpennypicks.com recommends investor's book their profits, though there is no need to rush just yet. While the pulse of the stock market indicates a correction is due and could happen in the months ahead, the research team at damngoodpennypicks.com feels there is still some juice left in the market and it will continue to grow in the weeks ahead.

As expected, the European crisis is far from over and despite their best efforts political differences and ideological compulsions will mean the crisis will continue to simmer a while. It's not all dull though. The silver lining is the second bailout of Greece.

Other than Europe the other concerns that should worry investors according to researchers at damngoodpennypicks.com, is the price of crude oil.

Penny Stock News by Damngoodpennypicks.com

After a week of rollercoaster ride, the penny stocks rampage subsided with only a few stocks registering any meaningful increases.

EPGI Firecreek at $0.0029 is up 314.29% on news of its deal with Cubo Energy. In a mutually lucrative deal, U.K. based Cubo Energy has agreed to buy a portion of oil and gas from EPGI Firecreek.

Why Damngoodpennypicks.com

Ever since Damngoodpennypicks.com was set up, three-quarters of our closed positions have seen gains of 51% or more. Our meticulous track record continues which is why penny stocks suggestion by Damngoodpennypicks.com are in such high demand and the subscription list keeps growing every day.

Of course, we would be the first to agree that not all our penny stock picks performed well. Companies do and will falter due to various reasons and when they do their stocks perform in a less than spectacular manner. Wish we had a crystal ball that would help us get to 100% perfection but 51% is not a figure to be scoffed at. Our investors have booked hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits.

The research team at Damngoodpennypicks.com is 100% meticulous and no penny stock makes it to the best penny stocks suggestion list unless it is meticulously researched by our team.

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