30, May 2015: Martin Beckley is all set to amaze the world with the launch of his original Evil Collection. The artwork is available for the delivery at the beginning of July and art lovers can take advantage of the pre-launch offer up until 21st June that guarantees a price saving of £1000 for purchasing the Original Collection, comprising three art pieces “See No Evil”, “Hear No Evil” and “Speak No Evil”. There will also be 75 limited edition canvas prints of each piece.

Hear No Evil Framed

One can purchase art pieces individually or the complete collection. However, each buyer will receive a copy of Martin’s book “The Making Of An Artist” for free that is expected to be published towards the end of the year. The book will feature all of Martins artworks and could be a motivating literary work for someone who has a deep interest in fine art, painting and allied subjects.

See Hear Speak Red Sofa

According to Martin, the three pieces in the collection are slightly different from each other and they together form an excellent centerpiece to draw the attention of the inquisitive minds. He tries to delve deeper into the intricacies of his art piece and maintains that “See No Evil” creates an impression that a skull wearing sunglasses is emerging out of the canvas. The picture is vivid in its presentation and can appeal to anyone who appreciates an unusual art conceptualization.

The “Hear No Evil” features a skull, wearing gold headphones and listening to the music. Martin has used crystals to give texture to the skull to ensure a visible visual illustration for onlookers to grab the essence of the art piece. In “Speak No Evil”, Martin attempts to make the art piece more expressive with the implementation of the Union Jack and (60’s icon The Saint) Halo. The golden spray creates a unique textured effect for the skull to appear rather interactive than a mute object of appreciation.

Martin foresees a great demand for his original art collection and invites galleries to reserve their pieces now to avoid disappointment, as these pieces have already achieved popularity at pre-launch viewings around London. Reservations and enquiries should be directed to: [email protected] and to know more about the Evil Collection, one may follow the link http://www.martinbeckley.com/products/evil-collection.

About Martin Beckley:

Martin Beckley is an artist, author and entrepreneur who specializes in producing awesome urban art forms. After a successful business in the fields of IT, lifestyle and health care, he discovered his new passion of creating urban art forms. Now, he dedicates his time in traveling wonderful landscapes to present exceptional and beautiful arts for the art lovers.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Denise Beckley
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.martinbeckley.com