Krato’s Journey App Helps Distributors (or “Artists”) Keep on Track By Gamifying Their Direct Selling Experience.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Jan 31st, 2017 — When Maskcara opened for business in direct selling in January of 2017, they quickly gained a loyal following of distributors, called Artists. Haven’t heard of Maskcara yet? You will soon. This innovative, modern company is led by charismatic founder Cara and her husband Nick, and is headquartered in Southern Utah. Cara created Maskcara to share her love of beauty and spread the belief that most women are twice as pretty as they give themselves credit for. The incredible early success of Maskcara has shown that many others resonate with this important mission.

Their system was tested when hundreds of new Artists signed up in the first three hours of opening their virtual doors. With an extremely knowledgeable marketing team, an amazing compensation plan, and differentiated product offerings, Maskcara knew that they had something special on their hands. As sign-ups continued to accelerate at a break-neck speed, the leadership realized that they needed to be aggressive in supporting their new Artists with training, communication, and tools that would help them grow their businesses.

This is how their partnership with Krato and the Journey Mobile Application was born. The Journey Mobile App offers a simple way for direct selling companies to set their distributors up for massive success. By taking the overwhelming parts of running a business—such as communicating with new customers or recruiting new sellers—and breaking it down into manageable steps, Journey by Krato makes the process much easier for distributors. This greatly diminishes procrastination and its negative consequences, resulting in more sales and sign-ups.

“With new teams and independent Artists signing up so fast, we knew we had to be innovative in getting real-time tools in their hands to give them the best chance at success in their new business. We measure our company’s success by the individual Artist’s success. A Maskcara mobile app was a must for us to accomplish this,” says Maskcara CEO Cara.

At Krato, VP of operations, Matt Lind remarked, “The Krato team is thrilled to have an opportunity to partner with the fastest growing company in direct selling. We believe in their mission and look forward to being a part of their continued success.”

The direct selling industry is a billion-dollar business, and is responsible for many new and growing small businesses run by everyday people. The Maskcara Mobile App, powered by Journey, will help both Maskcara and its new Artists build a brand that they can be proud of. The Mobile app will be available on both the Android and Apple stores.

About Maskcara
Maskcara is a company built around the idea that beauty should be effortless. This direct selling company focuses on producing makeup that is simple, easy to wear, and enhances natural beauty. They have an army of Artists to help distribute their amazing products. Learn more about them at

About Krato is an organization that offers services—such as Journey, Clarify Analytics, and Custom Development—to companies in the direct selling industry. Their goal is to offer technological improvements in many areas of direct selling and to help the industry move forward into a mobile future. Their tools help business owners unlock the full potential of their direct selling ventures by leverage modern mobile technology. For more information on Krato and what they do, visit