A heart transplant serves as a surgical solution aimed at addressing the most critical instances of coronary heart disease. This procedure becomes a viable option for individuals reaching the advanced stages of heart failure, after medications, lifestyle adjustments, and less invasive interventions have proven ineffective. Specific criteria must be met for an individual to qualify as a potential candidate for this procedure. Embracing a new heart has the potential to significantly enhance your quality of life, but it requires diligent maintenance to ensure its optimal functionality.

For individuals grappling with failing hearts, each day can present formidable challenges. Cardiac transplant procedure by Dr. Balakrishnan, offers heart transplant surgery with outcomes that rival the nation's finest. He extends lifelong care to individuals who have undergone heart transplants, whether under his care or elsewhere. As a distinguished heart surgery specialist in Chennai, Cardiac transplant procedure by Dr. Balakrishnan holds the distinction of being the pioneer in adult heart transplants within the country. His unwavering commitment revolves around serving those facing heart failure in Chennai.

Collaborating with your family, he ensures the creation of a robust support network as you embark on the journey towards heart transplantation and recovery. Cardiac transplant procedure by Dr. Balakrishnan has meticulously crafted a comprehensive system of care, spanning from initial assessment to post-surgical follow-up, personalized to cater to your unique health requirements. He is steadfast in his commitment to provide all-encompassing care, dedicated to ensuring your well-being for the entirety of your life.

Cardiac transplant procedure by Dr. Balakrishnan stands as a prominent figure among the finest cardiac surgeons in India, boasting survival rates that surpass international benchmarks. With an annual record of performing around 25-30 heart transplants and an impressive cumulative total of over 1800 transplants to date, his expertise shines. As the chief cardiac surgeon at Fortis, he holds a prominent position as a sought-after referral cardiac surgeon in India. Cardiac transplant procedure by Dr. Balakrishnan 's involvement in leading-edge research and numerous clinical trials is evident, and he also serves as the Director of Cardiac Sciences at Fortis Hospital Chennai. The overarching objective of cardiac transplant procedure by Dr. Balakrishnan is to deliver comprehensive and innovative cardiac surgical care that empowers his patients to lead active lives.

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