Sydney, Australia; 29, January 2016: To some, getting out into the bay or along the coast is expensive. But, that need not be the case thanks to low-cost outboard motors from Maxus Marine! The Sydney-based firm offers the latest generation of engines available to the market today. With more than 50 stockists across Australia, access to them has never been easier!

Maxus Outboards

Premium outboard motors at low prices

When one wishes to go out on the water, the cost of running an outboard motor can be high. That's especially true if the motor is old or seldom got maintained by previous owners. To have a reliable boat, one must invest in a reliable outboard motor.

The good news is that buying brand new outboard motors don't have to cost the Earth. Maxus Marine offer a wide variety of premium engines at affordable prices. Now there's no reason to keep using an old motor that's in poor condition! At, one can view the entire range by category and horsepower.

Confidence and Reliability

Buying an outboard motor is a significant investment. It makes sense only to select one that is reliable and straightforward to maintain. The good news is that Maxus Marine only offer the best outboard motors on the market.

For added peace of mind, the company provide a three-year warranty as standard with each one. So, regardless of it being a two or four-stroke motor, any faults not caused by the owner will get sorted.

Another feature of the Maxus Marine outboard motors is they are Yamaha parts-compatible. That means they are easier to add to any existing system! And with a vast stock of spares kept in Australia, it's quicker to fix any problems.

Availability across Australia

Maxus Marine outboard motors are available across Australia. There is a choice of over 50 retailers across the country. So, it doesn't matter what part of the country one is in. Access to a Maxus Marine outboard motor or spare parts is easy!

The company's website provides a handy retailer search facility. From Sydney to Perth, it's quick and simple to find one's nearest dealership.

A wealth of spares and accessories

The firm offers a whole host of spare parts a
nd accessories for both Maxus Marine and Yamaha motors. They also sell items such as propellers, and boat steering kits and cables. From remote control units to fuel tanks, they provide any accessory one could ever need!

About Maxus Marine:

An established brand, Maxus Marine sell a variety of outboard motors and spare parts. With an extensive dealer network across Australia, boat owners find it easy to get what they need. The company offer a three-year warranty on their outboard motors for added peace of mind.

And with a vast stock of spares located nationwide, maintenance is easy to carry out on all models.

For Media Contact:
Paul Rudolf
Maxus Marine
559 Sydney Road
Seaforth, New South Wales, 2092, Australia
Tel: +61 (0)2 9948 1746
Email: [email protected]

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