The heart is probably the hardest working muscle in the body. Pumping life through your veins day in and day out; though sometimes even the heart needs a little help to function at its best.

Heart surgery Medanta hospital leading multi-specialty hospital successfully performed India's first single-stage hybrid coronary revascularisation procedure on a 44-year-old male.

Patient with a record of heart attack, blockage in more than one arteries and constrained heart function of 30%, which required immediate surgical intervention. Traditionally, blood flow in patients with more than one coronary blockage is restored by using coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (CABG) through sternotomy (establishing breast bone) which calls for longer recuperation time at the hospital and accelerated risk of infection, especially throughout a pandemic.

Speaking about performing India’s first hybrid revascularization procedure, a senior representative interventional cardiologist at heart surgery Medanta hospital said, "Undertaking a complex system and enabling the patient to walk back home in a span of 2 to 3 days is a huge step in treatment and gives loads of hopes for patients with such conditions. We at Heart surgery Medanta hospital had been capable of performing this with the resource of the hybrid cath lab thereby minimizing the dangers, as only this type of facility can facilitate the process to be completed in a single surgical treatment and stenting at the same time.

We made a small cut (three-four cm) on the left side of the chest thru which the principle bypass grafting for the left coronary artery was done. After successful completion of bypass surgery, its functioning checked by using angiography, which was observed by way of angioplasty and stenting to the right coronary artery. The identical procedure was finally performed on many patients – and all those patients were discharged within two to three days."

Talking about the success of the case, the executive director, heart surgery Medanta hospital, stated, “I would really like to give my heartfelt congratulations to the team for placing a benchmark in India’s medical records by performing a minimally invasive hybrid revascularization technique in a single stage. The hybrid cath lab at heart surgery Medanta hospital has ushered in lots of progressive methods and supporting in faster healing for our patients. We constantly commit ourselves to bring in today's technology to offer the best possible treatment always. In this pandemic, it's far imperative that each one emergency and normal treatment which includes cardiac should be without delay attended to as it could be life-threatening if disregarded or postponed."

Heart surgery Medanta hospital is 'a new-age family clinic' with multi-uniqueness clinical expertise and a pioneer in the 'healthcare company' industry, making healthcare low-price. Heart surgery Medanta hospital is one of the few medical institution chains to correctly combine operations into tier 1 cities after launching into tier 2 cities. It’s also one of the few hospitals based on medical workers and managed by business experts with a keen focus on turning in personalized and specialized health care with warmth. In today's times in which the healthcare industry is more and more commoditized, heart surgery Medanta hospital stands tall with its promise of making clinical expertise and technology truly affordable with empathy and care at every level of a person's healthcare needs.

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