30 Dec 2018 :

This is one of the first-of-its-kind efforts in the Eastern India to have a patient suffering from a dreaded ailment and she was treated with HIPEC Treatment In India, while carrying out the surgery. Thanks to the competent doctors like Dr. Ashok Vaid based at the state of the art run hospital called medanta hospital that helped in saving the life of a patient who was suffering from ovarian cancer. The patient is seen getting removed the affected areas with the dreaded ailment that was seen getting administered with the procedure called the chemotherapy involved directly at the cancerous cells with the help of using the indigenously-modified machinery.

As per reports, a 61-year-old woman patient was admitted with the last stage of ovarian cancer, was on the edge of losing life when the doctor with the help of HIPEC Treatment In India saved her life. The fact is the lady was not even prepared to live more than few hours and she quickly recovered from the death winning life. The surgery was carried out for six hours and besides the cytoreductive surgery that was seen lasting to around four-and-half hours, along with the chemotherapy that was applied directly over the affected cells with the methods of Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy commonly known as HIPEC Treatment In India made all the difference.

Despite the absence of the state of art facility machines, the surgeons were able to devise their own new method that carried out the chemotherapy called HIPEC Treatment In India at the affected area to see the difference. As per reports, the patient was also seen suffering from cancer since a few months and then went on to get the surgery done after four long years informed the doctor who carried out the test by the radiotherapist called Dr Ashok Vaid . which are found that the cancerous cells that have been spread over the color area and then is seen immediately admitting to the hospital referring surgery.

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