Medicam Limited Announces Acquisition of Mineral Water Rights and Intentions to Bottle the Purest Water on Earth Brand VolcanicSprings® Mount Cameroun Aquifer in Cameroon.

Douala, Cameroon -- (Nov. 14, 2016) — Medicam Limited Reg#M041300046246J ("Medicam" or the "Company"), an innovative investment and development company headquartered in Douala, announces the award of mineral water rights by the Ministry of Water end Electricity Authorization Decree — 000901/MINEE/SG/DE 2014. The Company plans to build its warehouse and drill on the slope of Mount Cameroun located in the South West region of Cameroon.
The Source of Mount Cameroon: Pure, Light easily digestible, natural mineral water captured by VolcanicSprings® on the slopes of Mount Cameroon our concession is on a federally protected area which is free of all pollutions. This natural filter of Volcanic Rocks gives our water exceptional purity. VolcanicSprings® water does not contain Sodium or Sulfates making it safe for babies and pregnant women.

'Its our intention to bottle the most pristine water on earth in 1.5 liter bottles sold within the CEMAC region of 60 million people. The market continues to grow as demand for clean water is in large demand. We plan to be innovative in our packaging and marketing. The Company believes that the low investment and high return is well worth the risk from competition. Our TV/Radio/Print media divisions ability to reach masses will give us a unique advantage.   The Company sees potential in marketing glass bottles for the international market so that the globe may enjoy this amazing gift from the earth.’ Alexander D. Powers President of Medicam Limited.

The Company is now in process of finalizing the proper financing to develop its operations. The Company is open to dialogue of potential investment and strategic partners.

About Medicam Limited:
Medicam Limited was established in 2013 in the Republic of Cameroon. Medicam is made up of a multi-national management team. Medicam group’s primary focus is to be a leader in the development of Cameroon into an Emerging Market prior to 2035 target goals. The Company is licensed operator or asset holder of the Loterie Nationale Du Cameroun, minerals, media entertainment, water/beverage, healthcare, defense, agriculture, real estate development, credit union finance, general consulting, deal facilitation.
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Medicam Limited

Alexander D. Powers
President and CEO

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