Showings of 'Hecuba’ at the Principal Theatre, in Mahon, Menorca, may interest customers staying in Bartle Holidays villas next April. Despite the language barrier, theatre enthusiasts who understand even a little Spanish will not want to miss out on this exclusive production, which hits the Menorcan theatre at a time when it is celebrating its 185th anniversary. It serves as an excellent way to signal this milestone.

Based on a classical text by Greek playwright Euripides, 'Hecuba’ opened last year in Merida, at the International Classical Theatre Festival, and achieved outstanding success – amassing over 20.000 viewers in only a few days. This encouraged the team behind the production to take it on the road, initiating a tour of Spain, which now sees the play land at Menorca’s Principal Theatre.

Directed by José Carlos Plaza, this version of 'Hecuba’ stars renowned Spanish theatre actress Concha Velasco, in her first role in a Greek tragedy. The leading lady, who finally fully takes on the role of Hecuba after previously having recited a few monologues from the play, has already come on record to name this as the most important role of her career.

Written in 424 B.C., 'Hecuba’ follows the misadventures of the titular character, a dethroned queen whom the Trojan War turns into a slave. When her son is killed, Hécuba swears revenge, and sets about ensuring her offspring’s killers meet with the same fate. This story possesses all the elements that usually make Greek tragedies so appealing, with a revenge plot, pathetic (and empathetic) characters and, of course, a judgemental chorus who takes every opportunity to berate the grief-stricken heroine and the remaining cast of characters for their wrong-doings. Provided the language barrier is not an obstacle, theatre enthusiasts renting villas through Bartle Holidays in April might be interested in attending this deservedly acclaimed production.

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