More than 80% of adults will get back or neck pain at some point during their lifetime for which they will seek clinical attention. Back issues affect thousands of people every year. There are many contributing factors that may cause back or neck pain; physical injuries from accidents, physically demanding jobs, bad body mechanics, and disorder as well as the wear and tear and tear of growing old.

Patients, who're bothered with back and neck issues that cannot be corrected through non-surgical means, mainly when nerves are affected can also indeed, require surgical treatment. Conventionally, spine surgical treatment has required invasive processes resulting in large incisions followed by way of a long hospital stay. Now, due to the latest advances in surgical biotechnology, minimally invasive spine, surgical procedure is possible.

“The spine presents key function for the human body,” says neurosurgeon at Best neuro spine surgery Hospital Max India. “The backbone protects the spinal cord, which connects nerves to the brain. It helps our head, permits us to walk upright, and enables our body to maintain flexibility. However, while there may be a deformity, harm, or ailment of the backbone, common activities like turning, bending or stretching often become painful.  Of even more importance the spinal cord or nerves may additionally turn out to be damaged or injured resulting in weakness and loss of feeling.  Many spinal issues can now be corrected with a minimally invasive spinal surgical operation.”  Best neuro spine surgery hospital Max India as the first to replace damaged cervical discs with the newly introduced artificial discs.

“Minimally invasive surgical treatment is composed of a wide array of strategies which have been advanced to reduce trauma to tissues taking into consideration quicker recoveries, fewer complications and fewer lengthy-term issues,” Surgeon at best neuro spine surgery Hospital Max India emphasizes. “With regards to the spine, the area where minimally invasive surgery has the best impact is in the lumbar spine or lower back. The components of the spine which can be impacted are the muscle tissues, the tendons, the ligaments, the joints, and the nerves.  In widespread surgical processes to the spine, the paraspinal muscle mass sustains damage, the tendons retaining the muscle mass to the bones are divided, ligaments protecting the spinal segments are cut and the joints are eliminated. The outcome of those is that muscle tissues can remain irritable and tight long after surgery and on at times permanently. Flexibility may become restrained and motion restricted.”

According to a surgeon at best neuro spine surgery hospital Max India, “to reduce complication and enhance consequences minimally invasive spine surgical treatment techniques were advanced and retain to evolve. Much smaller incisions are utilized that separate muscle fiber as opposed to cutting them and tendons are spared as well.”

New strategies at the best neuro spine surgery hospital Max India are continuously being advanced to further refine MISS strategies, the most interesting advances will be whilst discs can be regenerated through injection of biologically active materials like stem cells. That is already beneath research with some human topics.  The time will come when, after the use of the MISS technique to remove extruded disc cloth and bone spurs, substances can be injected to create new discs.

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