20, January 2017: SD cards are normally used in smartphones, laptops, camcorders, and other portable devices to store vital files and documents. However during formatting, these cards fail to retain the valuable information. For retrieving the lost data and files, it is very essential to install the appropriate file recovery application that can easily unformat such cards. Mitusoft is a company that provides top-notch data recovery solutions to various private and business users of different countries. The agency provides Aid File Recovery software that plays a crucial role to recover files from SD cards, USB drives, flash drives, laptops, and other portable gadgets very smoothly. This software comes with a free edition to help users to retrieve 1G files with no pay. This application is quite ideal to reformat an SD card with a different file system or with the same one.

This application supports FAT32 EXFAT NTFS RAW file system to recover lost information without tampering the original contents. This application offers an ideal solution to the problem 'how to unformat SD card in Windows 7’ for the average users. This pre-formatted file software can easily utilize the cluster size that matches the erase region of the physical memory on the card. The SD Association provides a formatting utility for Windows and Mac OS X that checks and formats SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards to boost the performance of this software. This software unleashes a faster power-packed performance than most recover tools and is able to perform deep and full scan of the lost data from the external hard drive and SD cards.

Users can activate the 'Recover partition’ mode of this application to unformat the SD card if the existing file system Fat32 or NTFS or Exfat, and the partition has changed size or position after format. It is the most appropriate software to recover lost data from cards that use wear leveling in which the frequently modified blocks are mapped to different portions of memory at different times. The firm also allows people to participate in its website to promote the use of this file recovery software to gain satisfactory result within a short period of time.

This software features a wizard interface and allows users to easily recover files from the SD memory card. The application is extremely compatible with different versions of the Windows operating system. Using this software, people can easily maintain a reliable backup of the essential files and applications that are saved in these cards.

About Mitusoft:

Mitusoft is a company that provides data recovery solution with the support of Aid File Recovery software. This software helps to unformat a SD card in Windows 7 without tampering the contents. For more information, users can visit the website of this company.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Stick Robin
Company: Mitusoft Ltd
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.aidfile.com/

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