Mobile Worker Plus Release Mobile Protect

Innovator in the software and applications market, Mobile Worker Plus, has recently launched a company website ( and has released a product called Mobile Protect. 

The business has been focused on developing technological solutions for companies who have a mobile workforce, including people such as car parking professionals. Their vision is to allow mobile workers to become more automated, informed, approachable and effective by using the latest technology. 

Mobile Worker Plus state on their website that their “products and services use industry proven, state of the art technology to deliver results.” 

Their new product Mobile Protect demonstrates this vision and is designed with mobile workforce management in mind; it provides owners and managers with a way of maintaining the safety of their workforce, which is often a primary concern, via a self-service management portal and mobile devices. 

The product comes with flexible deployment options, enabling owners and managers to implement with their existing business processes, equipment and mobile workers in mind. 

Just some of the features of Mobile Protect include: multi-level panic modes, automatic incident escalation, location tracking, call recording, broadcast alerts and rota-aware intelligent alerts. All of these features are designed from years of real-world experience and in keeping with industry best practice. 

A spokesperson for the company said: “Mobile Protect offers our parking customers a flexible, cost-effective and robust lone worker protection system. It is a 21st century product capable of meeting the challenges faced by Civil Enforcement Officers and Marshals in the field today. Mobile Protect can work standalone or together with other business applications — this flexibility and multi-functional capability is unique and incredibly important to our existing customers.” 

More information about Mobile Protect can be found online today at 

About the company: 

Mobile Worker Plus is a provider of technological solutions such as software and applications that allow businesses to better equip their mobile workforces. Their latest product release is called Mobile Protect, and provides owners and managers with a way of maintaining the safety of their workforce.