China; 31, March 2015: There has been an increased use of chemicals in manufacturing, processing, tanning and medical industries. Demands for chemical items like carbonic acid, sulphuric acid and many others have naturally gone up. Molbase provides a suitable online platform where both buyers and sellers can establish contact for purchasing and selling chemical items. Besides, purchasers can get information of every chemical substance using this chemical search engine. They can also get the updated list of chemical suppliers with office address and contact number. Users have the opportunity to see the product lists with actual CAS No. mentioned beside each of the chemical product. Chemical formula of every product is mentioned in this site which helps to examine the component ratio of these products.

Prices of every chemical item can be found here. Customers can place delivery orders to any supplier of their choice. Before placing the order they have the opportunity to compare the service charge of every supplying agency. Besides, they can know the other chemical products supplied by these firms. Prices can be fixed on the basis of quantity purchased. For further inquiry users can send queries addressing the company’s office with the help of this online platform.

Weight of molecules and molecular configuration of every product can be easily found here. Many companies in search of customers also use this site to see its product demands and can contact with any buyer of its choice. Information on preservation procedure and utilities can be obtained here and new companies can register in this site. Their chemical products must have the certification of Chinese chemical agencies. It never allows any firm to register without valid certification document. Customers have the option to know in details the product details of each selling firm. Here buyers can gauge the popularity of every firm simply seeing the lists of followers.

Precautionary measures that need to be taken while handling these chemicals can be easily obtained here. Users want to register in this site must accept all its terms and conditions. Personal information of both buyers and sellers are well protected. Even delivery order of every consumer is well guarded here. This online site prevents the incursion of software that seeks to extract its product and client details. For further product information customers can any time contact the customer service centre any time.

Molbase Technology Co., Ltd

Molbase Technology Co., Ltd operates this e-commerce site where buyers and suppliers can successfully engage in business transactions. With the help of this site many firms have been able to buy chemicals from sellers of their choice. Besides, buyers can search product on the basis of boiling point and density level only in this site only. Viewers can log on to this site for further information.

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