Mosquito Shield announced today that it has launched a new online strategy for 2012, engaging customers and prospects through a new, streamlined e-commerce portal, and utilizing social media channels and targeted online advertising.

“When we examined the Google Analytics data for our site in 2011,” explains Director of Marketing, John Adalio, “we saw that we had a traffic jam occurring in our sales funnel. More than 60% of all users who entered the shopping cart left the site without completing the sale. This became one of the focus areas for our redesign of the site in 2012.”

In December 2011, Mosquito Shield engaged Page One Web Solutions to carry out the redesign of which is now up and running. Visitors to the site can learn more about the services offered by Mosquito Shield as well as learn more about the company itself. The site is open to the public and does not require membership or registration in order to view.

“We have also greatly simplified the packages and pricing for our residential Mosquito Protection Barrier, to make things much easier for the customer,” explains Michael Moorhouse, Director. “We realized that the site navigation and functionality were only part of the issue with visitors leaving the sales funnel,” he said.

In addition to hosting videos and other interactive content on their company site, Mosquito Shield will engage online audiences with health and safety information related to mosquitoes and ticks, seasonal articles, and other content through social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

“We see the revamped Web site and other resources as another selling tool for future franchisees,” says David Briggs, Owner and CEO. “Regardless of where they are geographically located,” he said, “each franchise owner will be able to tap into the branding, consumer education, and direct selling capabilities of the corporate site, to help drive business development.”

About Mosquito Shield

Mosquito Shield is New England’s proven leader in mosquito and tick control systems and products, delivering effective solutions, professional service, and guaranteed results to a rapidly growing base of satisfied customers. Mosquito Shield has invested over nine years of research and development in the perfection of its impenetrable Mosquito Protection Barrierâ„¢, which turns any treated property into a mosquito-free zone by killing and repelling mosquitoes and other harmful outdoor pests.

Our Story: Mosquito Shield was founded in September of 2004 in direct response to the absence of an effective and affordable mosquito control system. We have all been there as homeowners, planning a family event in the backyard only to have it ruined by mosquitoes. It was clear that the available mosquito control products such as body sprays, candles, mosquito magnets and all other do it yourself mosquito control options were just not effective. Frustrated with trying all these expensive gimmicks, I decided to develop a real option for eliminating mosquitoes in my yard. After much research, and understanding the science behind the lifecycle of mosquitoes, I determined that a professionally applied property barrier would be the best option. After a few years of testing different control products and working tirelessly to develop the proper method for applying the product, Mosquito Shield was born.