“Our pilot programs in Middlesex County, MA and Rhode Island will enable us to refine and validate our franchising model for implementation in 2013,” said David Briggs, Owner and CEO. “Rhode Island offers a different demographic profile and geography than the areas currently served by mosquito shield, and, as such, it’s an excellent testing environment for our marketing strategies.”

“With the Rhode Island program, Mosquito Shield will conduct precisely targeted direct marketing to roughly 38,000 households in 10 different ZIP codes,” explains Michael Moorhouse, Director. “Specifically, we are focusing our customer acquisition strategy on towns with the highest density of the key customer segments we identified through data analysis in 2011.”

“Our focus with the Rhode Island and Middlesex County, MA programs,” adds John Adalio, Director of Marketing, “will be on testing last year’s successful strategies and tactics against new variations, to develop a replicable, turnkey model for franchisees. In this first week of the campaign, we are already seeing a positive response in the form of customer inquiries and sales in our target geographies.”

About Mosquito Shield

Mosquito Shield is New England’s proven leader in mosquito and tick control, delivering effective solutions, professional service, and guaranteed results to a rapidly growing base of satisfied customers. Mosquito Shield has invested over nine years of research and development in the perfection of its impenetrable Mosquito Protection Barrierâ„¢, which turns any treated property into a mosquito-free zone by killing and repelling mosquitoes and other harmful outdoor pests.

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