06 June, 2014: Freddie and Sebbie, known for giving the ideal to both parent and kid, has yet again come out with another of their “highest standards in quality, safety and reliability” – the brand new Bath Letters & Numbers with Bath Toy Organizer.

Bath Letters and Numbers

This luxurious 36-piece set of bath foam letters and numbers, which comes with its very own bath toy organizer, is the perfect way to store bath toys while they dry, according to the Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson, Neil Speight.

The Freddie and Sebbie Bath Letters & Numbers with Bath Toy Organizer can provide you with these features:

- 36 piece set of bath foam letters and numbers comes with a mesh bath toy organizer
- Letters and numbers size: height 7.5cm – width 5.5cm – depth 1cm
- Letters and numbers stick to the bath tub wall when wet
- Made with foam so the letters and numbers float in water
- Makes bath time fun
- Helps to develop child’s learn skills
- Recommended for children ages three and up
- Lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee

Neil has also added, “These bath foam letters and numbers, which stick to baths and walls tiles when wet, were designed to teach your child to spell.” He also said that, they can deliver a lifetime guarantee to all the parents who wound pick their product.

The Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson has also added that most parents nowadays are in search of toys that can provide fun to their children but also one that can assist develop their child’s learning. “We all know kids love to learn, so why not help them learn in the bath with this luxury 36 piece foam bath letters and numbers set,” argued Neil.

He noted further that these luxury foam bath letters and numbers set now make bath time a pleasurable and relaxing experience with one’s children, since it now become more enjoyable watch one’s kid or children learn while they’re wonderfully playing. “These help them learn their alphabet, learn to count, learn to spell, learn different colors and most important, having fun along the way,” noted the Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson.

Freddie and Sebbie products, which are created to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability, ensure both parent and kid have the very best product available in the marketplace to consumers.

This what Amazon Verfied Purchase’s had to say about Freddie and Sebbie’s latest product:

Joe “Bathtime fun”: My 20 month old loves these foam numbers and letters – he sticks and rearranges them on the bath tub walls. He learns more letters and numbers at each bath. The mesh bag is excellent for storage and my son enjoys putting them all back in there as he does like taking them out.

Deborah Jargowsky “Happy”: My 2 yr old daughter loves the letters. They are great because they stick to the tile and the glass. The bag is super helpful!

Brett M Weinstein “Great item”: Our daughter absolutely loves it!! – The colours are brilliant – It is holding up well even with her biting into each one.

If you’d like to learn more about the Freddie and Sebbie’s Bath Letters, Numbers and Bath Toy Organizer, then you should make certain you go to http://www.amazon.com/Bath-Letters-Numbers-With-Organizer/dp/B00IMN8SW4/

About Freddie and Sebbie:

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