Laparoscopic surgery has proven to be a significant medical advance, turning major surgeries that left scars and kept patients in the hospital for several days, into fairly minor procedures. Laparoscopy is MIS (Minimal Invasive Surgery) that has very low risks as it only requires a few small incisions that also helps in making Laparoscopic Surgery cost in India more feasible than other open surgery methods used for treating the same conditions. Minimal invasive laparoscopy is a surgical procedure performed with the aid of robotic technology using a 3D camera for making small incisions on the lower abdominal or pelvis of the patient.

The national conference on laparoscopic surgeries and ‘Laparosurg’ workshop, a three-day event was organized by the India Laparoscopy Surgery Site, concluded on Saturday. According to a press release, the conference focused on various aspects of basic and advanced minimally-invasive surgery, ranging from bariatric surgery to gastrointestinal cancer surgeries. Several surgical procedures were telecast live by best laparoscopic surgeon in India. The first day featured surgeries related to appendix, gall bladder and hernia. They were performed by eminent surgeons in the field delivered a lecture on the complication in laparoscopic surgery.

Surgeons from various country took part in the conference. More than 200 laparoscopic surgeons took part in the conference and addressed that surgery is often a last resort to correct disease however, the severity of the surgery depends on the way it is conducted.

Many surgeons within the fields of general surgical operation, gynecology, urology and pediatric surgical treatment are looking to do noninvasive surgical procedures to sufferers are left with minimum soreness and faster recuperation. One of the latest methods is laparoscopic and robot surgical procedure which makes use of small incisions far from the target area. Laparoscopic and robot surgery is a fairly new method and is being slowly adapted around the world.

A healthcare landmark in India, the best laparoscopic surgeon in India sees 265000 Outpatient cases and has 40000 plus inpatient treats every year with over 20% of patients coming from the rest of India. Over 7000 children heart and urology surgeries have been completed with 60% of those being in infants less than 30 days old. With a success rate of 97% the outcomes are at par with Hospitals, USA. Having done more than 600 Robotic Surgeries in 2018, India laparoscopy surgery site runs the largest programme with highest success rate of laparoscopic surgery In India.

India laparoscopy surgery site is now inviting new patients for 2019 and the positions available are few with success rate of laparoscopic surgery In India is very high compared to other western countries. For people seeking affordable treatment and care with no compromise on the quality, India is the best bet indeed. The improved success rate of surgery in India has attracted many international patients to seek medical treatments including laparoscopy at present.

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