Nowadays, zentai suits are becoming more and more popular, and the products also become various. The Natural latex zentai must be the most fashionable and popular suits. Now I will introduce some tips for maintaining. Natural latex is made of rubber trees liquid, which color is milk-white, 30% ~ 40% of solid content, the rubber average particle size 1.06 microns. Fresh natural latex containing rubber components 27% ~ 41.3% (mass), water 44% ~ 70%, protein 0.2% ~ 4.5%, natural resins 2% ~ 4.5%, sugar 0.36% ~ 4.2%, ash content 0.4%. To prevent natural latex because of microbes, enzyme role solidification, it is often joined with ammonia and other stabilizer. Natural latex is mainly used for production sponge products, press the products (the pure natural latex membrane is the pressure out products) and dipping products.
1. Before wearing, you should make nails smoothly, avoiding long nails. And put some talcum powder inside your suits (Coat on your body with a layer of lubricant. Like emollient, medical glycerin if you are fat)
2. When wearing, you should push uniformity, do not use nails to pull clothes, in order to avoid damaging.
3. The model in the pictures wearing latex clothing flashing is all because of Quick Shine. Natural latex suits will not be shining without Quick Shine. If you want your latex suits perfect, you can spray Quick Shine. Do not put the latex suits coating with Quick Shine with other clothes.
1. There is no need to clean the latex suits after you wear with little sweat. Just wipe with wet towel, store up with silicone based lubricant after airing.
2. If you did not clean for a long time or wore with much sweat, you should clean it in time with rinsing .in case sweat speed the Latex Suits ageing. Store up with silicone based lubricant after airing. Hang on it in a dry, shady and cool, less dust place.

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