Neurology offers with the analysis and treatment of all conditions and diseases regarding  the vital and peripheral nervous system. Neurological diseases are recognized with an in depth records taking, thorough neurological and physical exam,and appropriate investigations.  Neurological conditions are different from psychiatric illnesses. The former involves parts of the nervous system while as the latter involves mental health conditions that affect the mood, thinking and behavior.

Dr. V. S. Mehta India treats the most complex disorders with a multidisciplinary approach. He offers both neurology and neurosurgery programs for adults and children to provide comprehensive care for his patients. Patients get best treatment at Dr. V.S. Mehta appointment number as he has experience in comparing and treating the most complicated of neurological issues and presenting the most up to date treatment at present. Dr. V. S. Mehta India utilizes the latest technology available in neurosurgery. As patient of best neurologist Paras Hospital Gurgaon you will always find a personalized, empathic, attentive, friendly and respectful manner. He dedicates the necessary time to listen to his patients, as well as to study in detail each case and plan the correspondent treatment to eliminate pain on a fast and urgent way. Patients get best treatment at Dr. V.S. Mehta appointment number as he has advanced training in minimally invasive spine surgery, and he has expertise in artificial disc replacement surgery in the cervical spine.

Patients get best treatment at Dr. V.S. Mehta appointment number as he is world renowned for providing best operative and non-operative management and medical care to patients with neurological disorders. He's best surgeons for neuro surgical procedure integrates personalized care with main-aspect research and technology to offer you with remarkable neurological care. Dr. V. S. Mehta India is highly qualified and has many years of experience in treating nervous system disorders. Patients get best treatment at Dr. V.S. Mehta appointment number as he is recognized nationally and internationally for his surgical technical excellence and innovative abilities to perform both simple and challenging operations by providing comprehensive, exceptional neurological care to every patient. From accurate diagnosis to development of a personalized treatment plan and thorough post-operative follow-up, Dr. V. S. Mehta India works hard to ensure you have the best possible outcome. And all this is performed at a completely low-priced value.

Spine and neurosurgery service India takes special care of both the worldwide and domestic patients and help them in contacting the hospitals and seek right treatment with right time. Spine and neurosurgery service India deals with every one of the necessities from the pre-treatment stage to the post-operative stage. Right from getting quotations, pre-medical consultations and appointments with JCI, NABH and other hospitals who've specialized medical doctors, we handle end-to-end services that might be required for your travel to a ‘not so familiar’ country.

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