Needham Ink Offers Coding Ink for Contact Coding Applications

Shropshire, UK; 05, June 2015: Needham Ink recognizes the need for companies to have reliable and consistent access to the coding ink for their labeling solutions and wants to remind companies that continue to rely upon contact coders that there are still companies that carry a large inventory of their products. Needham Ink offers a range of coding inks for the various contact-coding applications, be it rubber stamps to roller-coders. Their range of inks are capable of printing on any substrate from cardboard boxes to metal foils on grocery packaging. The Coding Ink from Needham Ink has been tested for environmental soundness and has been mixed in a factory with the highest level of safety and concern for both the workers and the impact these chemicals can have on the environment. Needham Inks meet all international safety standards.

“We wanted to remind companies that there are still reliable ink distributors out there that carry what they need,” says Needham Group. “All too often as technology changes people forget that there are still companies and individuals that have not moved ahead for whatever reason. We’re here to assure people who use rubber stamps and roller-coders that we will continue to be providers of coding ink for years to come.”

Contact ink is still a much-needed product in today’s world and those who use it require a reliable distributor who can provide high quality ink without delay. Needham Ink is made in the UK and is available for distribution at time of order.

The Needham Group is a UK based company that has worked in the printing industry for over 50 years, supplying ink and etching machines to businesses all over the world. Needham Ink is an ink manufacturer with deep domain expertise in the R&D and manufacturing of industrial inks, fluids and marking products. The Needham Group has built a reputation in the UK for being not only a manufacture of high quality, durable products, but also its commitment to the environment and the relationship it has made with customers, distributors and company stakeholders.

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