Needham Laser Introduces a New and Affordable Laser Etching Machine

Shropshire, UK; 05, June 2015: Laser engravers direct laser beams onto a surface to etch and cut into the material to produce a code, lettering, or design. In this way, the effect is somewhat similar to a stamping tool or dot-peen device, they simply use lasers instead of which obviously provides far more accurate, swift and flexible results. A Modern laser etching machine’s software works similar to ink printers, like printers, these laser systems are becoming more compact and affordable for home and personal use. The Minilaseâ„¢ Manual is a small laser etching machine, designed to be used out-of-the-box. It is perfect for small jewelry stores, engineering facilities, prototyping, schools, or even medical and veterinary professionals.

The Minilaseâ„¢ Manual was designed to be simple and affordable in order to tap into markets that may have use for laser engravers on a weekly or even daily basis but cannot afford a larger laser machine. The Needham Laser team wanted to be able to provide a product that was essentially maintenance-free, easy to use, but also utilizing “Fiber Laser” technology, which creates a more accurate and dynamic laser mark than its CO2 or YAG based predecessors. The product they supply is one that they firmly believe will outlast comparable systems due to the technologies used in the creation of the device.

“We knew that we wanted to be able to provide not only an affordable option,” says Needham Laser team “but also something that was easy-to-use and highly capable.”

Those who have never before owned a laser etching device will be able to quickly adapt to its simple processes and non-complicated design. The product requires only a USB connection to a PC, laptop or tablet/laptop hybrid to get started using the Minilaseâ„¢ Pro SE software. The entire system is designed so that the user can be up and creating laser etchings of text, images, barcodes, serial and date codes within minutes of taking it out of the box.

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