Nephrology is a medical specialty that addresses kidney diseases characterized by abnormal kidney function lasting for more than three months. This condition leads to the accumulation of waste products and excess water in the body. Often progressive, it results in a gradual decline in kidney function, eventually reaching end-stage kidney disease, which may necessitate either dialysis or transplantation. Kidney transplant is a viable treatment option for those with end-stage kidney disease, involving the surgical implantation of a functional kidney obtained from either a living or deceased donor. Post-transplantation, patients are required to take lifelong medications to enhance the survival and functioning of the transplanted kidney.

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Dr. Manju Aggarwal India stands at the forefront of patient care, leveraging new technology and advancements in diagnostics to assess, diagnose, and treat each patient effectively. Best nephrologist Artemis Hospital Gurgaon India is dedicated to fostering fulfilling patient relationships and strives to establish deep personal connections to uphold an exceptional standard of care. Dr. Manju Aggarwal India's approach ensures the quality and consistency of care, addressing all patient needs. By taking the time to understand each patient as an individual, the best nephrologist at Artemis Hospital Gurgaon India works collaboratively to enhance their quality of life. Dr. Manju Aggarwal India's goal is to deliver patient-centered care tailored to individual needs, extending beyond the provision of cutting-edge equipment and devices. Best nephrologist Artemis Hospital Gurgaon India is committed to setting patients up for long-term success and helping them live their best lives.

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