The field of neurosurgery is almost unrecognizable as compared with while it got its began more than a century in the past, minimally invasive surgical procedure is a kind of surgical procedure that utilizes a variety of equipment to decrease trauma to physical tissue during surgical treatment. In contrast to traditional neurosurgery, which has a larger incision, minimally invasive neurosurgery uses small, and sometimes no, incisions. This result in faster recovery and less risk of infection, neurosurgeons perform minimally invasive surgical procedure for an extensive variety of situations.

Bangalore is home to world-renowned neurosurgeons with extensive experience and knowledge in this field. Neurosurgeon in Bangalore is relatively certified and professional medical experts with vast scientific experience. They have rich understanding in performing all varieties of neurosurgery procedures, including open surgery as well as minimally invasive procedures. Best neurosurgeons in Bangalore are skilled professionals in the usage of sophistical clinical techniques to deliver notable effects to the patient. They remain updated with all the ultra-modern traits and improvements in the field of neurosurgery. Neurosurgeon in Bangalore work for the neuro hospital in India facilitated with cutting edge technology and the latest surgical equipment.

Success story of best neurosurgeon in Bangalore “The pain did not really impact my work or experience in life, but it gave me cause for concern, especially when I realized it was affecting my ability to see well, immediately physician advised to get an MRI done to rule out any irregularity or presence of tumor.  MRI discovered a pituitary tumor, 18 millimeters in diameter, a small bean formed organ located at the bottom of the brain, at the back of the bridge of the nostril in pituitary gland. I was then advised to visit a neurosurgeon. So I spoke to my colleagues, each of the five physicians she spoke with, recommended neurosurgeon in Bangalore.

At first I was reluctant to travel for my surgery. But when I read their credentials, I knew they were right person to carry out the surgery. After which I underwent surgical operation. His approached the tumor through my nose, making no incision. While looking through a microscope, best neurosurgeon in Bangalore controlled small instruments through an endoscope and removed the tumor. I would doubt that the surgery actually happened. I got the relief I had long was hoping for


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