Bavaria, Germany Over the years, Facebook has made several additions in terms of applications. Among these additions, Spin Gift is the latest one. Yes, it is now on Facebook as an application and has garnered attention from individuals all over the world. With the use of this Facebook app, individuals can now send unique 3D models with personalized greetings to their close ones over the social networking site. People can be assured that there are no hassles involved and it can be done with the click of the mouse. One of the things that plays a big part in the 3D presentation is interactivity.


The mentioned Facebook app has models on a host of different themes such as love, romance, religion, animals, fun, etc. All an individual has to do is choose a model, label it and send it to the friends. It is as simple as that. The sent message will then appear on the friends' wall on Facebook. People can use the mouse cursor to move the 3D models and even zoom in to know the details. Most applications involve use of special installations, but Spin Gift requires none. The only requirement is that the user must download and install Flash Version 11.


Individuals can use the models like graphics in social networks such as Facebook and later personalize and dispatch it with text as well as images. The key element is that these images come in 3D which adds to the fun of the application. There are several models offered in this Facebook app among which some are free whereas others are for a charge. People can choose the preferred one and accordingly send it to their near and dear ones to express feelings and gratitude for them. The virtual objects can be viewed practically on any browser which runs on Windows and Mac OS X (Intel).


Spin Gift is a Facebook application invented by FunnyDeals GmbH which was founded in Germany in October 2010. The application is currently for use in English-speaking countries and will also be available in four other languages this year for worldwide use. This is a fun application that is invented in order to help individuals express their feelings for their near and dear ones. For more details, individuals can check out the link