The SCiNet & WTS Corporation will install the new plant near the container terminal at the Chinese port of Shenzhen.

The plant will assemble production mini plants of the models associated with primary needs such as: Bread Bakeries, Water Purification & Desalination, Dehydrated Food Elaboration, Steel Nails, Fruit Juice Preparation, Egg production, Clothing Items, Plastic Bottles, Food Preparation & Canning, Medical Assistance Units, Sanitary Materials, Thermoplastic Items, Plastic Goods, Tire Retreading, Corrugated Steel Sheets, Welded Wire Mesh, and others production systems.

The Mobile Production mini-plants system is the only manufacturing system in the world that provides up to six (6) of the most essential products for basic sustenance for just one dollar ($1.00) per day.

Another significant aspect is the fact that the assembly plants will be connected to the WTS (World Trade System) system, also managed by Scinet, with access to more than 60 million goods, raw materials, commodities and services, as well as to the system of automated international commercial operations and electronic commercial exchange certificates.

The exchange certificates enable electronic transactions through the reciprocal recognition of the value of stocks. This provides associated companies with an immediate solution for selling their inventory and obtaining raw materials, commodities and services in real time on a global level.

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