Selangor, Malaysia, July 19, 2013: The leading Forex trading service providers in Malaysia, Forex Trading Malaysia announces the new benefits of their PAMM accounts that can completely transform the trader’s experience while managing their trades in an online an automated environment with the help of an accomplished fund manager. They are now aligning the benefits of their Top PAMM Accounts with their trading platform and allow fund managers to manage assets and funds with a better efficiency. They also reveal that investors can now use these PAMM accounts to operate in any market. Besides trading foreign currencies, a trader can now also execute trades of stocks and futures.

A PAMM account often includes several accounts of different investors and a fund manager manages the account. Thus, a PAMM service allows traders to earn money without participating in the trading activities. They only have to choose an efficient fund manager and invest their money. Forex Trading Malaysia assists investors in choosing the best managers providing them with the portfolio and statistics of these managers for making a decision. “We provide traders with the complete list of funds as well as a comparative analysis report. By providing data in a graphical representation format, we assist investors in their decision making”, reveals Ahmad Shahie, an Analyst working with the company.

The company reveals that the new PAMM accounts focus more on creating an adjustable system which fund managers can choose to create a system of their own choice. By creating a unique system, a fund manager can optimize the profits of their investors. A fund manager can manage the assets, can choose the preferred trading periods and can set the limitations for stop trading and thus can minimize the losses. The system also alerts about special rebates and reward programs that a particular investor can take benefit of during the trading period.

The objective of offering an enhanced forex managed account to an investor is to provide them with a better experience of currency trading and help them optimize their profit levels in the fluctuating global currency markets. Forex Trading Malaysia maintains that currency trading often proves to be a risky proposition for many traders and their new PAMM account services will help traders to optimize their profits while keeping the loss risks to its minimum level. One can check all the features of their new PAMM account services by following the link .

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