Exercise and South Florida go hand in hand. No one wants to look unsightly when they are on the pristine beaches or in the hottest nightclubs, so many look to join an athletic club or gym to get into better shape. 

“People who live here year-round enjoy the beaches and the weather; they also want to keep themselves looking good and healthy while doing it,” said Kirk Kochte of Boca Brickhouse. 

Boca Brickhouse has set themselves apart from other gyms in the Boca Raton/Delray area. While their membership plans are reasonable and on par with other, more popular gyms, they offer some major differences and that is what has set Boca Brickhouse apart from the rest of the field. 

Boca Brickhouse is offering what many other gyms do not offer, an environment that welcomes and encourages a person to develop strength through the most basic of compound exercises. One of the side effects of lifting with compound exercises is the body burns more calories, thus reducing body fat. As the muscles grow stronger and they utilize more calories at rest, you will achieve a leaner more athletic body. One that is not only stronger, and healthier, but you’re just going to feel mentally and physically better than before you started doing compound lifts. 

“Our members are coming to us because they want to train in a serious manner, says Co- Owner and competitive athlete, Christine Kochte. “They want the atmosphere of a real raw gym and not a commercialized space covered in treadmills. Moving and lifting in the body’s most natural Range of Motion (ROM) is paramount to achieving results, and a lot of the machines found in typical gyms are very limiting in the mechanics of kinesiology and natural movement. Additionally, there are more than a few who just want to deadlift, or do Olympic style lifting and you just can’t do them in a machine.” 

Many other gyms in the area have banned the deadlift because of excessive noise (disrupting other patrons pretending to workout), chalk usage (the gym might have to clean it up later), safety concerns (for the flooring and equipment NOT the member) and liability issues (with regards to flooring and equipment and AGAIN NOT about the member). 

But Deadlifting is but one of the exercises that Boca Brickhouse encourages members to do. They not only encourage Compound lifting (work more than one muscle group), but Odd lifting (kegs, tires), and bodyweight training as well. 

“Serious Bodybuilding, Strength, and Physique competitors as well as active Athletes need the opportunity to deadlift, with the option to use chalk if necessary. This exercise is usually highly desired in order to achieve great results in their athletic field of choice. We, at Boca BrickHouse are providing the Old School, Hard Core, Bare Bones training atmosphere that many of the gyms today have “banned” so that they may provide a “safe and quiet” exercise environment,” said Kirk. 

Boca Brickhouse also offers the more standard fare of training options as well. They include but are not limited to Personal training, Zumba, Aikido, Yoga, Military Basic, Combat Conditioning, Kickboxing, Boxing, and Self Defense. All classes are offered for all levels of training, from the absolute beginner to the intermediate weekend warrior, to the more advanced gym rat/athlete. 

“We welcome anyone who wants to get into shape and feel better. Come see why we are so different,” said Kirk. 

More information is available on the website. Visit www.bocabrickhouse.com for details. 

For Media Contact:
Christine Kochte,
Phone: 561-235-2240
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