More than 1.6 million women in India need GYN surgery annually, but few know what’s at stake

New research released today finds that more than half of Indian women either don’t know or have misperceptions about common gynecological conditions and surgeries, such as uterine fibroids, hysterectomies, and myomectomies. Public awareness of GYN conditions and their treatment has not kept up with the fast pace of advancements in minimally invasive GYN surgical operations.

Today, Dr. Veena Bhat gynecologist Artemis Gurgaon launched uncovered: The Truth About GYN Surgery, a public education campaign focused on ways to treat uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and other women’s health conditions using new minimally invasive GYN surgical techniques. Developed to dispel the misperceptions keeping many women from in search of timely surgical remedies, the marketing campaign takes on commonplace myths and fears uncovered via a national survey of 500 women 18 and over.

The campaign also by Dr. Veena Bhat gynecologist Artemis Gurgaon will focus on up-to-date information on GYN conditions, new developments in minimally invasive GYN surgery, and the FDA caution at the risk of damage or the spread of cancer with strength morcellation in certain surgical methods. The doctor stresses the importance of getting second (or third) opinions before moving forward with surgery and offers tools to help choose a surgeon.

Having these records is particularly valuable now that the national institutes of health (NIH) consider fibroids and endometriosis developing fitness concerns because of the large variety of women affected. “The survey findings represent a wake-up call for the women’s health community,” said Dr. Veena Bhat gynecologist Artemis Gurgaon.

“It is as a good deal as health care to empower women’s health very own best endorse, ask questions, and are searching for a 2nd opinion from a surgical expert in order to make the best choice for their particular conditions.” The marketing campaign will also inform women of new advances in minimally invasive surgical replacement that may be finished on an outpatient foundation with less scarring, bleeding, and pain. This consists of methods like ovarian cystectomy, hysterectomy, endometriosis excision, and pelvic adhesion removal that may be completed with paper-reduced sized incisions on the belly button and bikini line, and a new hybrid technique to remove all fibroids of any size or in any location using simplest two small incisions.

“Our aim is to train women about those new surgical alternatives so they will be able to choose the coziest, least invasive, and most thorough method that offers the excellent recovery viable.”

Dr. Veena Bhat
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