New Canadian Rapper Daytona Mane Making Waves with His First Release

London, September 2013: Dayton Stanley A.K.A Daytona Mane is a young rapper who hails from Calgary, Alberta Canada. 

Daytona Mane has just released his debut single Doin’ My Thang and is already creating a stir on the Canadian Rap scene not only with the single but also with the high production video created as a major selling point to the single. 

The young rapper started like many others at a very tender age honing his skills in high school with a crew called BANKMOBMUSICGROUP (BMMG) while growing up in the Strathcona neighbourhood. 

It was not long before Daytona realise that he had a special gift and decided to pursue his dream as a rapper which resulted in his first single. 

We recently met up with Daytona Mane and ask him about the release and all the fuss surrounding his music and this is what he had to say and we quote. 

I am a very conscious individual and I care about impacting others in a positive way with my music and I also want to show people that a dream is worth chasing and that they should chase their dreams too. End quote. 

After the interview with Daytona Mane, we sensed a very mature artist someone who has thought it through rather than going after the fortune and fame that impacts other artist in a negative way. There are no tours planned yet but stay tuned because it won’t be long before this artist in on the road. 

Daytona is currently part of a group called Struggle is your Success (SIYS) and most of his studio work was done at LTS Production Studios, he also worked with LK Visuals on his latest music videos and is looking for a major label to get signed with. 

For more information on Daytona Mane and his music visit to view the video directly go to or 

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