New York, NY — The eBook on cat behavior is free to download when visitors subscribe for updates from Our Friends 4 Ever. The publication provides a comprehensive guide for cat lovers, offering insight obtained through many years of studying and observing cat behavior.

“It is with the utmost excitement that I finally announce the availability of my new eBook,” said Rousseau. “It’s been a long journey to this point. After studying cat behavior and their body language for years, I finally managed to compile my findings.”

Rousseau is also offering visitors to Our Friends 4 Ever the opportunity to purchase a copy of The Cat Language Bible, an eBook that includes more than 10 years of research conducted by acclaimed animal behavioral specialist, Jonas Jurgella. The offer comes with bonus guides and complimentary updates each time a new version is released.

“Understanding Cat Behavior and Body Language” by Rousseau is packed with scientifically proven strategies and techniques that individuals can immediately use to communicate effectively with their feline friends to build strong relationships with their cats. Many people believe cats to be mysterious and inscrutable, but felines regularly communicate their moods and feelings to their human companions through the use of specific body language and cues.

Cats are far more intelligent than most people think and felines also employ more than 20 different vocalizations to communicate. Rousseau’s eBook is divided into two sections, the first of which explains how cats use their eyes, ears and tails to communicate and is designed to help humans decode those chirps and trills.

The second section focuses on decoding the cues and behaviors that felines provide but are often overlooked, disregarded, or misunderstood by their human companions. The eBook addresses topics ranging from continuous meowing and the imperative for cats to scratch their claws, to their stop, drop and roll routine. Bonus materials and links are included are also provided.

Cat body language is an elaborate set of signs and signals that felines use to communicate with their humans and other animals. Rousseau’s new eBook, “Understanding Cat Behavior and Body Language,” explains the movements in the complicated dance that is feline language. It enables cat lovers to comprehend what their cat is saying through their sounds and behavior to establish a closer relationship between felines and those who love them.

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