Best heart transplant surgeon of India has launched a new heart transplant surgery India program—the first new program of its kind in India in more than 15 years. The best heart transplant surgeon of India, who achieved an international reputation for excellence leading the cardiac transplant program, has spearheaded the new initiative.

Best Heart transplant surgeon of India has performed more than 300 heart transplant surgery India over the course of his career and has been instrumental in the study and advancement of the mechanical systems used in treating patients with severe heart failure.

“With this huge advancement forward to improve the heart transplant surgery India commitment with world-class patient care and case studies, while addressing most of the people health catastrophe in organ donation and transplantation,” says best coronary heart transplant surgeon of India. The cardiac surgeons will see patients alongside cardiologists from the heart transplant surgery in India, led by the best heart transplant surgeon of India, associate professor of medicine and medical director of the heart transplant and ventricular help device program, as well as nurse practitioners, social people, and other specialists to provide complete care and help patients with end-level heart disorder.

The best heart transplant surgeon in India offers a variety of surgical options for patients waiting for a heart transplant. The ventricular assist device program currently gives lifesaving mechanical devices including the left ventricular help device (LVAD) to improve a patient’s quality of life for years after surgical treatment or serve as a bridge to transplantation. Additionally, the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (EMCO) program—in which an ECMO machine provides cardiac and respiratory help by pumping and oxygenating blood outside the patient’s body—was acknowledged for excellence from the extracorporeal life aid support organization, a nonprofit devoted to the development of recent therapies for patients requiring mechanical aid for coronary heart failure.

“Our new program for Heart transplant Surgery performed by the best heart transplant surgeon of India provides a top-notch cadre of services for an affected person with heart failure,” says the best heart transplant surgeon of India.

“Our new heart transplant program under best heart transplant surgeon of India’s control elevates the already super cadre of offerings provides for a patient with advanced coronary heart failure,” Says the surgeon. The best heart transplant surgeon in India has done 592 heart transplants thus far. Last year Indian surgeons carried out 3,658 heart transplants, a growth of 3% from 2019, in India.

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